Have you had "good" chill(s)? When do you get "them"? Have you had "scary" chill(s) and when did you get them? How about "cold" chill(s)? Do these different chill(s) feel the same if you feel them ?

Is the term(s) chill(s) used for 3 (maybe more) meanings? The answer is YES. The chill(s) is a misnomer which more often than not is confusing.

It would be nice if there were different words for the different chill(s.) Maybe the shivers or the heebejebees would be better for "scary or bad" chill(s.) I wouldn't have any idea what to rename the "good" or the "cold" chill(s.)

While it is confusing, we do understand some times what people mean when they say I got a chill or I felt the chills. When someone says they got a chill from music people just seem to know that is "good." If someone says, I am getting a chill (cold) and better warm up we know what they mean.

If someone says that movie gave me the chills, we wait for more input from them. If they say it was from a scary movie, we understand that it was "scary" chills. But if it was a non-scary movie, and someone says they got the chills from it, we are momentarily confused and usually ask what was good about the movie.

But what about the chill(s) feelings? Are the feelings the same for each of these different chill(s?) I can not see how you could have a "good" chill feeling that would be the same feeling as a "scary or bad" chill feeling. The chill(s) feel good and bad ? How could this be ?

I have never felt any "scary or bad" chill(s). I have felt fear during experiences like a scary movie a few times, but never with a chill(s) feeling. Not to say people may feel something similar to "good" chill(s), when some scary experience happens. The feeling has to be different, right ?

Unless we change the English language, which will not happen, we have the confusion that we have, and a "meanings" problem with the word(s) chill(s).

So what do you think? What have been your ideas and experiences? I have collected opinions from religious leaders, spiritual people, and many people "off" the streets and will present these various opinions and experiences in future writings. Would love to add your input.

I would appreciate your going to my website, www.WhatAreTheChills.com , which is presently set up in questionaire form. Please copy and paste the questionaire form to an e-mail, fill it out, and e-mail your input to me at donwading@aol.com

Questions include......

-What do you think the chill(s) are?
-Do the chill(s) vary in intensity?
-Are there other different types of chill(s)?
-If so, do they feel different(how)or is the feeling the same?
-If you feel the chill(s) with music is it from the melody or the words of the song?

Please be as specific as possible. I have purposely limited expressing my beliefs in this article as best I can to get your input as best possible.

If you like, e-mail me any question, and I will answer you. I will also share some of the insights I receive from this and past surveys in a future article.

Do you think the chill(s) are spiritual ? Imagine what could be done if the "good" chill(s) energy could be channeled to help us ?

Thanks and peace to you.

Author's Bio: 

Don Wadington
Student and teacher of the chill(s)energy
Have helped ease people's pains over the years with the chill(s)energy