Have you ever questioned how important your imagination is? Let a success coach show what kind of impact it can really have.

Your brain is unable to distinguish between an action performed and the same action visualized. Edmund Jacobson, M.D discovered this in the 1930’s. Dr. Jacob conducted an experiment in which he asked his subjects to visualize a physical action, and he found very subtle muscle movements that where the same movements the muscle would make when actually performing the activity.

Scientists have also discovered that when measuring the electrical output of a person’s brain using a CAT scan while that person is looking at a specific object, and then measuring the output again while they are imagining the same object, the areas of the brain that activated are identical. In both cases, closing your eyes and visualizing the object, as well as opening your eyes and looking at it, produces the same patterns in your brain. That means that as far as your brain can differentiate, there is no difference between visualization and the actualization of something. It is true however, that the fact that we have the ability to discuss that there is a concrete difference between what is “visualized” and what is “real” suggests that our brain does in fact know. However, it lacks the ability to represent this difference, which is extremely powerful as far as our emotions are concerned.

There is an old tale that back when Columbus sailed the ocean blue, the American Indians did not see his boat approaching. The current occupants of the island definitely noticed some unexplainable waves and ripples pushing onto shore, but could not process the image of the ship sailing in the distance. Our brain matches patterns and makes associations in order for us to process and make sense of things our eyes see. Even though the ship was at the horizon, in plain sight, the Indians had no knowledge of such structures, so their brains could not process the images that were right there in front of their eyes!

Imagine the successes you want and deserve! If you don’t use your imagination and think outside the box, someone will beat you to it. Imagine, in the most intricate detail, what you want to be doing in your life. Whether you want to imagine yourself walking on to your private plane, and you want to imagine what it looks like and where you are going and who you are with, or you want to imagine the company of your dreams, running smoothly and successfully, by you, DO IT, NOW! This exercise should not only fill with excitement and joy, but it will bring you closer to the realization of your dreams as well. Aim high and you will succeed beyond your wildest expectations.

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