The implications and considerations involved with an eighteen-wheeler accident are more complex than your typical car accident. The process of filing a claim and the information necessary to do so can become overwhelming for a truck accident victim. Consulting a truck accident attorney in Houston, Tx. will help ensure you received the resources necessary to recover.

1. Immediately Call Police and Request Accident Report

Regardless of the initial property damage and injuries sustained, always call the police and report the accident. Commercial truck drivers are held to a different standard when it comes to their driving record and their ability to continue working; so, leaving the scene of the accident without determining liability may result in you having to prove it later down the line.

2. Obtain Emergency Medical Care

When you are involved in any kind of accident that is extremely stressful, your body releases a hormone that can temporarily block out the pain you are suffering. This is just one of the reasons why it is important to seek emergency medical treatment after being involved in a truck accident. Whether you go to an emergency room or an independent medical center, the best way to evaluate the injuries you have suffered is to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

3. Photograph Everything

Taking photographs is a key way of preserving evidence in truck accident cases. From injuries and property damage to identification cards of all drivers, officers, witnesses, and roadside assistance; finding some way to initially record this information will help ensure you are fully protected. Photos from the scene of the accident can be vital when it comes to formulating a clear picture of what caused the accident so it is important to leave nothing up to chance.

4. Different Kinds of Truck Accidents

One of the first things you need to determine when involved in a truck accident is whether the vehicle is a commercial motor vehicle. If the answer is yes, you must determine if the vehicle was engaged in interstate vs intrastate trucking and commerce. There are Federal and State laws that apply to specific commercial vehicles and the trucking industry overall.

5. Dealing with Insurance Companies

Before you speak to an insurance adjuster, it would be smart to seek a case evaluation from a truck accident attorney. Generally, personal injury attorneys will not charge you for initial consultations because they understand that the rightful compensation is not given until after a claim is filed. Following the steps above, and consulting an experienced truck accident attorney is one of the best ways to ensure you are fully protected.

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Paul H. Cannon is a personal injury trial lawyer at Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. He is Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Trial Law and has been practicing law in Texas since 1995.