Who hasn’t, when they were children, dreamt of being ‘someone’, maybe you still do? The ‘someone’ will vary from person to person, but probably someone famous, someone rich, a sports personality maybe? Or even the King or Queen of England? And what about our personal lives, I expect you’ve dreamt of finding the love of your life, being swept off your feet (ok, maybe that one’s just for the ladies!), and living happy ever after?
It is a sad fact that these dreams, goals and ambitions stay just that, and lie forgotten in a dark corner of our minds.
I am sure you will agree that we are so taken up with the alternating banality and stresses of everyday life that life quite literally passes us by with no opportunities to actualize our dreams.
I’m here to tell you that things can be very different if we pull ourselves together.
‘Impossible’. The word conjures up feelings of pointlessness, of insurmountable problems, of hopelessness.
Many inventions, breakthroughs in medicine and science as well as a myriad of exciting discoveries would not have been made if humans all thought that ‘impossible’ truly existed.
Take a bumblebee, for example. The size and mass of its body in comparison to the size of its wings means that by the known laws of physics, it shouldn’t fly at all. Thank goodness no one’s told him!
There is a flip side however. There are individuals who have dreamed some outlandish dreams and acted rashly on them, resulting in shattered dreams and battered ambitions.
Doubt and assumption are two of the most limiting personality traits. Listen to your doubt and / or make assumptions, and you will never be able to get past what you deem impossible. However, if you don’t work towards your ambition and instead throw yourself at it, you will learn the meaning of impossibility.
Get a piece of paper and a pen. Got it? Right then. On this piece of paper, write down things that you want to achieve in life. Draw three columns, one entitled ‘can do’ another ‘might do’, and another ’impossible to do’ and write in your corresponding goals.
Keep this piece of paper somewhere prominent where it will catch your eye every day and try to achieve one of the ‘can do’ goals every day, ticking them off as you go. When you finish, try the ‘maybes’
Thomas Edison attributed his ‘light bulb’ moment genius to ‘1% inspiration and 99% perspiration’ This is very true but remember, that 1% has to be a big accomplishment, one to be gained with effort and self discipline, to make this statement true.
‘No pain no gain’ is a saying which can be applied to any number of achievements, from a bodybuilder to a top scientist, meaning that you have to venture into the unknown to truly succeed.
Break down those walls of limitation bit by bit, think of a big dream and work towards it. Break the attainment process down into bite size pieces and you’ll be amazed at how the impossible doesn’t seem so impossible, after all!

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