It may seem that a resume is a simple sheet of paper that tells prospective employers who you are, why you want the job and why they should hire you. However, a lackluster resume will destroy your chances of getting a job, so a good amount of thought is needed when you're putting the document together.

Job seekers in various professions have found this out when using standard resume templates and basic information. A specialized resume helps to get jobs, whether you're looking for something in a certain industry (such as health or IT) or a specific type of position (such as a federal, military, or executive career), so here's a few tips to help you optimize your resume for the job that you're trying to get.

Health Care

Anyone working in the health industry knows just how rewarding it is. Whether you’re a medical assistant, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, clinic manager, technologist, physical therapist or physician, you do plenty on your job every day. This should definitely not be taken for granted when writing your resume.

Your job is to show the scope of experience you’ve gained by not selling yourself short when describing previous positions. If you’ve been a charge nurse in various units, it’s important to list those units and showcase the different duties you held. Also, don’t be afraid to use terminology that showcases your expertise, as long as it’s not too abstract for the hiring manager who doesn’t speak “health-ese.”


One standout quality of the information technology industry is the depth of which employees know the latest technology. This is why it’s always important to showcase what you know when writing an IT resume. In addition to proclaiming your levels of proficiency in various programming languages, applications, software and hardware, it’s important to list any certifications you’ve received – these are almost as good as degrees.

Federal / Military

If you’re writing a federal or military resume, details are the most important features to take into consideration. This means, you are supposed to read the job posting thoroughly and list what experience and qualifications you have that exactly match what the position is looking for. Anything that shows that you’re not exactly qualified for the position you’re applying for could result in your resume being discarded.

You should also remember that federal or military resumes can benefit from the addition of a KSA (which stands for Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities), which is typically several statements written as a narrative. This is the standard for federal resumes. It's also important to include your announcement number, grade, and title on your resume (or the application itself).


When applying for an executive-level position, you want to keep in mind that the expectations for candidates are extremely high. Executives should be able to effectively show their ability to lead. Having a strong professional brand both on the Internet and non-virtual world are also important. Overall, you want the company to know that you will be a great ROI (return on investment), which can be communicated through a results-driven, accomplishment-heavy resume with tons of numbers (money made, employees managed, etc.).

In any field or industry, there are alwyas ways to perfect a resume, and to make it grab the attention of employers and hiring managers. So before getting started on yours, see if any of the above tips apply to you then use them to create a resume employers can’t resist.

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