- You’ll gain a deeper perspective of how a dysfunctional home and/or work environment costs you time, money, efficiency and confidence.
- You’ll understand how the Story of negative memories and messages in your space crushes you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and professionally.
- You’ll make an honest assessment of what Story your Zoom space is telling clients, colleagues and YOU! You’ll also receive simple, actionable tips for creating a clear, authentic and branded backdrop even in the most awkward space.
- Plus, you’ll receive camera, lighting and personal presentation tips you can implement today that empower you, power up your on-camera Story and build confidence in your professionalism and the quality of service you provide.
Speaker Bio

Jennifer Phelps is CEO at Jennifer Phelps: Organize. Design. Reinvent!

As Your Spacial Story Specialist, in person or online, she guides professional women to overcome the overwhelm of stressful clutter, chaos and soul-sucking “blech.” She can transform a dysfunctional environment that’s draining their time, money, efficiency and confidence into one that empowers them and powers up their business.

Register Now: In The Age of Zoom, What Story Is Your Space Telling?

Event Information
Start Date: 08/06/2020 11:00 AM
End Date: 08/06/2020 01:00 PM
Timezone: US/Eastern, Informal Networking 10:30 AM
Location: Online Event - ZoomLink will be emailed before event United States
Chapter: Charlotte, NC

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