The de?nition of the word incentive is something that incites or is likely to incite to determination or action. As you are paying the price to live your dream in life, you need to have something to incite you to take action. Basically, you need to have a strong enough “WHY” in order to make it through all you will experience as you build your dream.

As we know 95% of people die with their music still playing in them, because they never had a dream strong enough or large enough to move them through the hurdles, which were thrown their way by every dream stealer that they met as they were paying the price. As you focus on your incentive, you will forge through all of the dream stealing negativity that you will encounter. I still remember when everyone told me –“John, you are crazy, just get a job” and “who do you think you are thinking you can build the largest motivational business ever”. These are just a few negative remarks that I received as I focused on my incentive. I never gave up! I just remained focus on the ultimate outcome as I forged forward.

You need to internalize your incentive and see it everyday. Close your eyes, see it and say to yourself, “I am a successful entrepreneur, I have no debt, I spend quality time with my family.” See it - feel it - feed your spirit every minute knowing you will and can do it! If you can’t SEE your incentive, which is also your “Why”, then who will? No one! You are the only one that has the ability to make your dreams come true and change your life forever!

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John Di Lemme

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John is an International Motivational Speaker who shocks millions globally by exposing the truth about how to achieve monumental life success despite the labels that society has placed on you. Through his award winning live seminars, power-packed training programs, live tele-classes and websites John Di Lemme has made success a reality for thousands of people worldwide.

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