Psychological safety is when you feel safe in your team and you are more open about admitting your mistake, speaking up with ease without being embarrassed, and experimenting with new things. To make your team feel psychologically safe you need to first create an environment that encourages it.

You can do it by following simple steps:

1. Learning from Mistakes: In a psychologically safe environment, teams are more open to admitting their mistakes and acknowledge each other for their work. They are more clear about finding the solution rather than blaming each other.

2. Difference Without Conflicts: In a psychologically safe team, differences mean having diverse ideas and opinions about how to approach work. There is mutual respect among each other and each member of the team is given full autonomy to put their ideas on the table.

3. Openness In Team: Teams work with more efficiency when each member can bring their true self with them.

4. Improvements For Better Efficiency: Psychologically safe teams work in unison and have a framework with which they stick to. They plan out everything and conduct brainstorming sessions where everyone can speak up.

5. Active Listening: This is an integral part of the framework that builds a psychologically safe environment. To promote active listening, you can develop sessions where each one of the members gives an honest opinion about how they feel about being in the team. Know more...

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Studies have conclusively proved that diverse organizations are more successful organizations. Empirical evidence reveals that diversity—heterogeneity in race, culture, gender, etc.—has material benefits for organizations, communities, and nations. However, Diversity also brings an inherent amount of conflict with the status quo, the subconscious biases, and the need to create a more inclusive environment. Multiple organizations have started diversity programs with little or no success. A recent study by Boston Consulting Group notes that “the real problem is that many organizations simply don’t know which measures are most effective in improving diversity.” At Vividhta, we have experts in diversity helping you to create and manage a successful Diversity program. From recruitment to training, coaching, mentoring, monitoring and handholding, we cover the entire gamut of services around Diversity and Inclusion. Its not just about Diversity- with Vividhta, its about result orientation and success in Diversity.