We need to increase our energy on a daily basis. By strengthening our internal power, we will give our body and mind the ability to heal and protect us from our chaotic world. Qigong is a simple technique of deep breathing and slow balanced movement that will increase your energy and give you a sense of peace and balance.

So many people think that body work and massage are a luxury and therefore, unaffordable. That is not the case. Qigong is important for your health and well being because it relieves stress and pain, but, it also helps balance you physically and emotionally. It will also help your body release toxins and negative emotions. It should be a regular part of your health and well being routine.

Qigong healing and energy sessions are very beneficial. People frequently ask me what is a healer? I have pondered this question repeatedly, and feel, a healer is someone who listens to people and gives them what they need. Some people mistakenly think that a healer will cure them of their disease, but that is not the case. Only we can cure ourselves of disease. No one else has that power over us, that is why we must take back our own power and strengthen it. We live in an environmentally and emotionally toxic world. We need to relieve our bodies of these toxins, and by having regular energy and body work sessions, we alleviate the pain and stress in our bodies and minds. You will experience more energy and a renewed sense of well being.

A Qigong practitioner will use many techniques to stimulate qi in the body. Qi is universal life energy. Sessions can include gentle tui na massage, shaolin stick therapy, and meditation. When energy is flowing freely throughout the body, pain and tension are alleviated in the body and mind. Qigong was designed so that it can also be practiced for daily exercise and health. Qigong can be easily modified to fit everyone’s level of fitness. Research shows the enormous benefits of Qigong on health and well being. It is something everyone needs to experience!

Author's Bio: 

Vicki Liuzzo is a Qigong and Reiki Master. She has studied at The Eastern Healing Arts Center for many years, and has completed studies in Tui Na Massage, Shaolin Stick Therapy, and Chinese Herb Medicine at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China. She is also studying to be a naturopathic doctor at The Great Lakes Health Institute.