An accident, head injury and spinal cord injury in my early twenties changed my live drastically and fortunately I recovered from it enough to look at new ways of earning an income. Initially after the accident a career change was needed from a more physical position as a foreman in manufacturing to something I could do effectively with one side of my body damaged significantly. Through vocational rehabilitation that I was eligible for as being a victim of a violent crime, I then had technical training returning to college and completing an accredited engineering degree and some graduate school too that led to a successful career.

However, the detrimental effects of the injuries worsened as I aged and over twenty years later, leading to me being unable to work even at a desk or extended amounts of time so another career change was needed after a layoff. An 8 hr work day and 40 hour plus week just wore me out physically and even worsened the muscle weakness from the hemi-paresis on one side that I had.

So now I was looking at earning income from home in several ways. I first tried selling on ebay but packing and shipping a high volume was not really possible for me with my physical limitations. There are drop shippers of course available but for the volume that I could manage because of only part time hours, the profit was just not there.

Then there was a serious communication issue when I tried several network marketing companies. The sometimes slurred speech of mine ruined phone conversations and face to face meetings certainly did not show self confidence or leadership skills as when tired, my foot dragged often causing a loss in balance or worse.

I also tried creating and selling digital products but the sluggishness from the head injury certainly slowed me down and by the time I would create ebooks, websites, and launch the product, there were dozens of people selling a similar product or the ideas were outdated.

Then, I found selling affiliate products was very easy for me, required minimal physical effort as reading, using a computer and internet connection, even with 'one finger' typing and time. What I like best is that the computer did the communication. Sure, I had to set up the ad or webpage (and there is software for that even), but once I did the computer replicated my presentation flawlessly, thousands of times and my affiliate marketing online business was now paying me more than I earned from my past full time job.

Basically, an affiliate marketing online business can be run from anywhere and I even started part time. You can of course earn a full time income or even become a super affiliate earning a six figure income. There is no inventory to stock in an affiliate marketing online business. Having a part of me disabled from an accident, I am excited about not having to pack and ship any products. You see the merchants that I represent or refer do all the work. They even collect the payments, processing credit cards worldwide so I just receive commission payments.

Customer support is a big part of many businesses and their success. Some people have to hire help or outsource this. Well not me in my affiliate marketing online business, the companies I refer do this work too. And best of all, many of these companies make payment immediately. Some wait 30 days when they have money back guarantees. But usually I get a PayPal payment right away or a transfer into my bank account either weekly or monthly. Some people still prefer checks delivered by snail mail. Well, they still do that too.

Having the right information and strategy is important to your success in affiliate marketing. If you set up your ads or website or ad or even articles as this one, your affiliate business will run itself. Sure you may put in some time to build a site or write some ads but once they go live on the internet, you can go swimming, or as I do, just workout at the gym which I needed for ongoing rehabilitation. If you don't need either of these activities, then just watch the football game or spend time with friends as your affiliate income is deposited in your bank.

An important note is that the time spent setting these affiliate marketing websites, blogs or ads up does not have to be done at one time. Instead of two full 8 hr workdays, a half hour or hour spread out over a couple weeks at a time is sufficient. For some disabled as I, this time benefit of an affiliate marketing online business is a real gold.

By the way, you don't have to be disabled in any way to be have a successful affiliate business!

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