Inspiration comes to us in many forms. It could be a person, people, a song, a painting, something written, a play, or words spoken. We always remember those that inspire us. I truly believe that people come into your life for a reason. One person’s way of life can be so inspiring to another.

Some people don’t need a lot of inspiration. Those people wake up and they have their life’s agenda pre-planned. They already know their plan and each day they act on it. The inspirational part of that is that they don’t let any diversions get in their way.

A painter, song writer, musician, and performer can be inspired by others as well as nature. Certain things in this world call out to them, and touches part of their inner soul and they see beauty and create beauty because of it.

Inspiration comes easy to others while others can’t relate. Inspiration doesn’t have to mean going through a hard time to reveal your true inspiration, it means drawing from your surroundings to build that inner sense of confidence; i.e.: “I have the ability to do this.” That means that at one point you didn’t think you had the ability to do something while your inner feelings awoke you to the fact that you could.

Nature builds and inspires. There is a saying, you can never be mad in the forest. This is my favorite saying because it is so true. When I walk in the forest I can just feel all the tension in my body and my mind fade away. The more you walk, the more there is to enjoy in nature. Nature is inspiring because it is beauty. It releases all doubt and invokes a spirit of all things are possible.

Our wondrous world is full of inspiration. Whether we find it in other people or within ourselves, it’s there. For those that paved the way, we honor them and they have become an inspiration to many. Inspire those who do not see it or feel it. No one knows what they will truly become until a part of their soul has been awoken with inspiration. Inspire each other to help each other succeed.

An act of kindness is a huge inspiration to others. The very act of helping inspires and humbles the soul and can be somewhat contagious given the right surroundings.

The people that inspire the most are the ones who have not been dealt a fair hand at life. With all against them, they still stand up courageously and inspire others. These are people that have had such devastating things happen to them and they faced their catastrophes head on and prevailed. For those that are fighting to take that breath, fighting for life, you are an inspiration. You inspire me.

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I have a website,, that is designed to help others. I do believe that we are here on this earth to learn from each other. I don't think that we give each other enough credit. I know our world can be harsh and cold and some people might not necessarily have family or friends to count on. I write all my articles and blogs. All are meant to offer hope and encouragement for others.

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