Today's intraday trade is probably one of the most popular and most advanced trading options on the Forex currency market. The rapid development of technology and the availability of information in real time have given access to this type of dealings to a large number of traders. Today, many choose this type of dealership, as relatively small time intervals, have become possible to generate significant profits.

With daily trading on Forex, there is no need to leave open positions at night, thus risking. The whole cycle sometimes takes only a few minutes, and with reasonable trading, profits can be compared to investing money in "traditional" ways for several months.

In other words, for a specialist who works on the Forex market every day, it makes sense to try to switch to intraday trading, thereby increasing the profitability of assets and significantly reducing risks. Acquainted with the basic principles of intraday Forex strategy, you will be pleasantly surprised by the state of your account in a few months.

You must have a fairly powerful computer system to take over a short-term job because you will receive operational information from one of the leading agencies that can supply quotations and news online 24 hours a day. The selected provider must guarantee you a stable uninterrupted high-speed connection.

Important: in the short-term trade mode, the failure of the information system will be the equivalent of ruin.
Your investments must be kept in a reliable western bank, the spread (the difference between buying and selling) that is provided by the brokerage company should be kept to the minimum, as well as the commission.

By observing the behavior of living prices, for example, in the form of candles, the behavior of the price schedule and the pair of trend indicators and oscillators over time, you can predict the future behavior of the price for a minute before its confirmation.

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