QuickBooks Customer Service, How To Connect?

QuickBooks online is a cloud-based accounting software whose services you can access over a network. If the user faces any issues with the same, they may contact Intuit QuickBooks Online Customer Service.

If the users are uncomfortable with the cloud accounting concept, they may shift from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop. Nonetheless, the users are more attracted to QuickBooks online version because of its variety of features.

Having issues with QuickBooks Online? Contact Intuit QuickBooks Online Customer Service Number +1-860-397-6051

Why would you prefer QuickBooks online over QuickBooks Desktop?

There are specific and obvious reasons why people select QuickBooks Online over QuickBooks Desktop, i.e., QuickBooks Online is more significant than QuickBooks Desktop, but we do not endorse the idea QuickBooks Online is perfect; it too faces technical issues. Thus, the QuickBooks users dial QuickBooks online customer service telephone number and not Quickbooks Customer Service for the desktop support. There are the factors listed down that state why QuickBooks online is better than QuickBooks desktop:

QuickBooks Online users can easily access their QuickBooks remotely with the help of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting application.

You don’t have to update the QuickBooks online as it gets updated itself.

In the QuickBooks Desktop version, the user has to use the same host computer in which he has installed QuickBooks; however, in QuickBooks Online, you can access your QuickBooks via any device; all you need is a stable internet connection.

Giving access to the accountant in QuickBooks Online

It is not so severe, allowing access to your accountant. You can do it manually either by adding or inviting your accountant to an individual company file. For that, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Note that the maximum number of accountants you may add is two. You can not add more than that within the QuickBooks accountant version.

Login to your QuickBooks Online.
Then look for the “gear” icon on the upper segment of your dashboard; once you find it, select it.
Get into the “manage user” option.
Select the “accounting firm” tab.
Add the email address of the accountant you wish to add.
Select the invite option that will appear as a green-colored tab.
Your accountant will now receive the invitation from you.
The screen called “manage user” will modify its invite option to active when the accountant logs in.

These steps should be enough to help you through the process. However, if that is not the case, feel free to dial QuickBooks Online Customer service 1-860-397-6051 and receive expert advice from the certified ProAdvisors.

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