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So, here’s my story about taking action and investing in myself:

Some of you may know that not too long ago (2 ½ years) I was still a university professor. With tenure, which means a guaranteed salary for life unless you really screw up. And I was on a real success trajectory: at age 35 I was tenured, had a respected book published by one of the best-known academic publishers, was chair of my department, and also had a top elected position in my international professional organization.

I looked like I had it going on.

And within 5 years from that day, I decided to turn my back on all of it. My friends, family, and colleagues thought I was crazy. And when I told them I was leaving all this behind—my reputation, my string of publications, my students, a guaranteed income for life—to do metaphysical work of all things, they just plain felt sorry for me, like I needed to be a ward of the state or something.

I didn’t make the decision to leave in a vacuum, though: my intuition was telling me that leaving was the only viable option, even though I had never known anything but an academic life. Somehow, I knew it would be fine.

And, it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

All those perks of the academic life don’t look so much like perks anymore. Traveling? I do that all the time—more now than before, and on my own terms. Time off? I can choose when to take time off on my own schedule. Guaranteed salary for life? Frankly, I already make a lot more now than I did then (even as department chair), working less, with the only pressure on me that which I exert. And I’m just starting out.

On top of that, I am not longer living in a toxic atmosphere. I don’t have to work with students, colleagues or so-called superiors who disrespect me and the work that I do, but only with those who think I’m amazing and who I think are amazing, which is big. And (this is even bigger) I can help create immense change in the world every day. My investment in myself has paid off: big-time.

Fast-forward to eight months after leaving my faculty position: my business is now running, and I’m feeling pretty good, but I know that I need more guidance. I end up on a free call with an amazing coach, and even though the program she pitches to me feels outrageously expensive, I say yes.

Let me show you how outrageous: she was asking twice what I typically brought in monthly for her 6-month program.

And, I knew it was totally worth it. I knew—in my bones—that I’d go far with her, so even though I had no *#$%@**% idea where the money would come from, I said yes.

And, it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Guess what: I made my total investment back within 6 weeks from another participant in that same program. {fist pump!}

Fast-forward another 6 months to the end of that program, when I had the chance to upgrade to her Platinum level. I knew that I wanted it, because I knew—in my bones—that I was destined to do great things. And yet it still felt outside my comfort zone. I said yes again.

When I got home, I found an unexpected check from my insurance company for the exact amount of the down-payment.

Again, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. And the Universe let me know right away that it was: with that check.

The money didn’t start flowing in immediately, though. I had to keep putting myself out there, which felt very risky. What if people judged me as my former colleagues had?

Again, once I threw caution to the wind and started showing up all over the place, my investment—taking that risk—paid off. I was also starting to really employ “Light tools”* in my business. The changes happened slowly at first, and then like an avalanche.

Fast-forward to today: I have almost more business than I can handle. I’m doing amazing work every day, helping other entrepreneurial change agents to do their amazing work in the world. I open hearts and change minds and expand horizons exponentially more now than 2 ½ years ago as a professor.

And I’m happy.

All because I listened to my intuition, made that scary investment in myself, and kept taking action. The Universe has paid me back in spades! Oh, and 8 times more income this year than last doesn’t hurt.

Becoming an intuitive entrepreneur was the best decision I’ve ever made.

*If you want to learn more about these Light tools and how to become an intuitive entrepreneur yourself, join me tomorrow, Thursday 13 December for a special no-cost training call on just that. Register here: http://bit.ly/VAMxsQ

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Elizabeth Locey works with people who are called to change the world for the better business owners and creative who want to play a whole lot bigger and use Soul-Power to do it. For More information, please visit: www.elizabethlocey.com