Vacuum cleaners are expensive or cheap. The key depends on the environment at home, the size of the house, and the "use scene" of the vacuum cleaner.

To give a simple example: your house is a small-sized rental house, one or two people live alone, and there are fixed man-made cleaning habits. At this time, a low-budget vacuum cleaner is very suitable for your helper tool, reducing the time of manual cleaning.

If your home is a large apartment with a lot of personnel and debris and is plagued by pet hair drifting, you must consider its battery life and cleaning ability when you buy a vacuum cleaner. Relatively, the budget will be higher.

Saving time and consider the characteristics and applicable environment of each budget product. I will briefly organize it for everyone.

Saving time and consider the characteristics and applicable environment of each budget product. I will briefly organize it for everyone.

Below 500 RMB: suitable for small-sized households with less furniture. The product has limited suction power (cleaning capacity). It can be used for simple partial cleaning such as curtains, car seats, and pillowcases, and large-area ground vacuuming. Pressure, the ability to deal with dust and dirt in corners and gaps is poor.

500-1000 RMB: It is also suitable for small and medium-sized apartments. Some horizontal machines have begun to have the ability to clean the floor of the whole house. The handheld has become a more convenient wireless model, which can deal with local ground dust and corner dirt, and has limited handling capacity for large particles and hair.

1000-2000 RMB: The functions are beginning to become complete, the expansion of the battery capacity or the design of replacing the battery, so that the battery life of this price product has the ability to cope with the large size. Brushless motors are often used, and the cleaning ability becomes good. The hand-held roller brush head can effectively clean hair and debris. It has an effective cleaning mode and cleaning for carpets, floor tiles, wooden floors, and other different materials. The effect, a certain degree of intelligence.

2000 RMB or more: strong cleaning ability, basically meet the daily use of various occasions, hand-held products can meet the requirements of large and medium-sized whole-house cleaning, the degree of intelligence is improved, and it is suitable for users who pursue a sense of experience.

Generally speaking, vacuum cleaners in the price range of 1,000 to 2,000 can satisfy normal household use, and there are many cost-effective products.

Do not want to buy too expensive or too cheap, then buy a suitable and efficient cost-effective product. Here I recommend MOOSOO K17.

MOOSOO Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner 23Kpa Strong Suction Pet Hair Carpet K17


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