Weight gain and loss requires time and is a true reflection of lifestyle. It all comes down to mindset, eating habits and activity/routine. Neglect these four aspects of life and you will slowly put on weight and increase size. Unfortunately, with the convenience of fast food and the effectiveness of technology we as Australians have become lazier. I put these two factors down as the main contributors to our obesity epidemic in Australia with over 70% of our population overweight.

Incorporate a daily plan and make a conscious effort to plan, monitor and implement a nutrition and activity strategy and you will slowly lose weight and decrease size. It's really quite simple, what you put in is what you get out. The more methodical and proactive you become with your lifestyle strategy the quicker you will accomplish your weight loss goals. With my experience in life as a weight loss lifestyle coach I have found that every one is different and have varying commitment, desire and intensity levels.

It is staggering to think that 90% of people who start a weight loss or activity program actually fail within the first week. This is why It is imperative that each individual find a lifestyle solution that best suits their individual needs to coincide with there particular lifestyle demands. One of the biggest concerns I see day in day out is that overweight individuals take on these crazy programs that are designed for professional athletes. No wonder the failure rate is so high and people get so disillusioned and quit within the first week.

You see a lifestyle weight loss program has to be customizable. If you are really overweight you don't want to just go in and kill yourself within the first week with an intense activity program. I strongly recommend establishing your goals and implementing your nutrition plan first. Give yourself a week to adjust to you new eating strategy after all this is a huge step in itself. Once you become comfortable with this, slowly start to introduce your activity strategy. Start with two small sessions a week and and see how it feels. If you feel you could do more, then by all means do a little extra. It is so important not to rush things or you will become easily dejected. If you are able to implement a nutrition strategy and a couple of activity sessions a week you will absolutely lose weight.

Once you master your new routine you will be able to see for yourself what and how much feels good for you. Remember it's not a race or a competition, it's a lifestyle adjustment that you can maintain. In conclusion quit looking for quick fix solutions or getting caught up in the hype of massive weight loss and get back to basics with a simple lifestyle strategy that you can maintain.

Obviously there are thousands of claims out there so be careful. When I developed my weight loss lifestyle program called livethislife -a lifestyle for you, I made sure I ticked all of the boxes. You want to find a lifestyle weight loss solution that covers four essential aspects of lifestyle: 1) Mindset and Goal Setting, 2) Nutrition, 3) Flexibility 4) Activity. Introduce these four components into you daily routine step by step and you will have a weight loss strategy for life.

Author's Bio: 

Hi there, my name is Mark Piercy,
owner and developer of Live This Life.

About six years ago I had hit rock bottom in life. I was depressed,
had no job, was overweight and feeling quite sorry for myself.
I needed to make a change in my lifestyle in order to get out of the
rut I was in so I turned to the health and fitness industry.

Since that day I have transformed my life into something special. I now work for myself helping others who are in the same situation I was in those many years ago. Today I find nothing more satisfying than helping others achieve their goals and dreams in life.

My mission with livethislife is to transform bodies, change mindset, create more energy and motivation and give people the knowledge and tools they need to make a positive change and transform thier current lifestyle.