The benefits of vaporizing instead of smoking cigarettes are well documented, so is vaping weed healthier than smoking them? Although smoking weed is not exactly a dangerous vice, there are also many reasons why you should consider making the switch. If you live in a place where the bud is legal and bountiful, here are seven reasons why you should get that vaporizer.
1. Vaping is better in the long-term. Although studies have not proven that smoking marijuana can cause lung cancer, it still is true that smoking anything is not good for the body. The combustion of marijuana still produces some tar and carcinogens that are irritate the lungs. Vaporizing cannabis removes approximately 95 percent of the inhaled smoke.
2. Vaping is better in the immediate. People report to feeling better when they use vape. Vaping feels cleaner and any physical hangover felt from smoking is eliminated with a vaporizer.
3. Vaping is discreet. There are portable vapes that emit noticeable smell and vapor but, generally, vaporizer pens are physically more discreet than smoking a joint in public. The smell of weed is still there, but there is less cloud. Those handy vape pens that use wax or oil are the best way to get your dose of weed undercover.
4. Vaping allows you to taste the flavor more. Some people say that vaporized weed tastes similar to burnt popcorn, but many say that using vapes allows them to better taste the flavor notes of marijuana. This is likely because weed is not being burnt to crisp, giving a taste that is clearer, cleaner and more delicious.
5. Vaping is more cost-effective. Although some vapes are an initial investment, vaping will save you money in the long run since you will only need to burn less to get high. Vaporizers can convert 46 percent of available THC into vapour, while the average marijuana join can only convert less than 25 percent.
6. Vaping offers great merchandise. There are lots of beautiful vape pens available in the market today, coming in all sizes and shapes. Plus, most of them can be recharged with a USB. This will spare you from the hassle of carrying around lighters.
7. Vaping will really get you high. This is the whole of all this, after all. You might feel like you have to take more puffs and the onset might seem delayed when you use a vape pen, but you will notice that the effects packs a real punch.
If you are looking to make the switch, do it now. Now that you have learned of the benefits of vaping weed and have found out that it has many more advantages that smoking it, there is no reason why you would not start lunging vaporizers.

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