Right up there with the Law of Attraction is the idea of magnetizing money and drawing it to you. This is in stark contrast to the standard idea of you "coming into money" as it has been said. Yes, you can draw coins in your direction with a magnet, but that's not what we are talking about here.

Attracting wealth is a process of changing your outlook on life including your attitude, positivity, and the way you look at money all together.

Here are the 7 main ideas behind money magnetization.

1. Wait For The Good Stuff

Be happy with what you already have. Yeah, you can always have more, but that will come later. What you have right now is enough for right now. Valuable lesson here.

2. Start Out Positive

Wake up every morning and say something positive about what you will be doing that day. For example: If you're going to work say, "I like my job, and I can't wait to get there."

3. No Spare Time To Spare

Use spare time wisely. Every day, you have a certain amount of time that is spent driving or walking in the grocery store. This is spare time. Use it to learn all you can about making money. Listen to tapes or CDs in the car while driving or use a walkman when in the store.

4. You Get Paid First

Make sure you pay yourself first! When you get paid, put away a small amount for a "rainy day". Start small, like 5% or 10% and do not touch it.

You will be shocked and awed at what you can put back in a year's time. Take it up a notch and keep it in a glass container so you can "see" that you have money. Visualization is very important!

5. Do a Little Research

Do as the millionaires do. Go research what it is that these wealthy people are doing to be wealthy. You can't be doing what the average Joe does and expect to have different results. Life just doesn't work that way.

6. Erase the Negative

Take away reminders of leaner times. Anything that shows a lack of money or portrays a negative image needs to go out the door. Replace these with pictures of places you want to go, for instance. This helps as a motivation to you for success.

7. Organize Your Life

Spring cleaning is in order. Declutter your entire home and prepare it for more success than it has ever known. It is amazing how much this activity can lift your spirits. In the midst of this, make yourself a work space where you can keep records and important papers.

Whey you attract money you now longer have to go chasing it. You will change your outlook and therefore change your life.

Remember that starting from the bottom, there's only one way to go and that's UP!

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