You know what to do next to live your life purpose, but you are holding back because it’s scary… sound familiar? In this article we’ll take a closer look at why you need courage to live life on purpose, how you get courage and when it is especially important to be courageous.

1. Why it’s Scary

You need courage to live your life purpose because it always involves doing something that pulls you outside your current zone of comfort. Maybe you must let go of something that is secure but not very fulfilling, like a government job, or maybe it involves more exposure and the risk of rejection.

The fact that it’s scary to step outside of your comfort zone and into the unknown is actually a requirement for living life on purpose, since what is important is “charged” and resonates with your “soul’s blueprint”. This activates your Ego who’s job it is to keep you “safe” and exactly where you are. Your Ego “protects” you by bringing up emotional responses, and the most common of these emotional responses is fear.

2. How to Muster Up Courage

So from where do you get that much needed courage that will take you from stuck to “on track”? This is where faith comes in and I am not talking about blind faith. What I am referring to is an awareness of your access to source energy and a practical application of Universal laws and principles that will give you exactly what you need when you need it (and not before).

If you are looking for guarantees before you take action you will likely stay stuck and be in the same place a year from now as you are today.

However, what is guaranteed is that when you step into the unknown you activate Universal resources that will support you as long as you keep your focus on your goal (so keep looking ahead even if the road is rocky). This faith and focus will bring plenty of opportunities into your life to get you on the path of living life on purpose.

3. When To Be Courageous

It is especially important to take action when you notice a theme of signs that urges you in a certain direction. These occurrences can take the form of a dream or recurring dream, “messages” you notice from other people, songs on the radio, things you read and so on. All the signs that you pay attention to consciously mean something. Be aware of and look out for these subtle cues and you can take action with confidence, in spite of, or rather because it’s scary, since it is but another indication that you are on the right track.

So from now on when something is scary, see it as an indication that it is your next step, and be grateful for the opportunity to grow into the next version of yourself!

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From Annika Ek - Purpose2Business Mentor & Hand Analyst -

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Annika has intuitively allowed herself to be guided on a path that at times seemed to make little sense. Her experiences range from the world of business and technology to that as a healer. With degrees in economics and computer science as well as diplomas in several modalities of natural health and personal growth, she has allowed herself to grow as a whole person.

As a Purpose2Business Mentor & Hand Analyst, Annika is uniquely positioned to take her clients from discovering their Life’s Purpose to taking inspired action on that purpose, by mastering their mindset.

Annika understands that to thrive in the new economy we must be authentic and creative while at the same time understand how to get things done in the “real world”. By showing her clients how to bridge their masculine and feminine energies she is a leader in the emerging “Grounded Personal Growth” industry.

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