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NFCI Chandigarh opened up the doors for all the cooking buffs and has proved itself to be the leading and most sought after Cooking Institute in chandigarh of the tricity. The Cooking Institute not only offers advanced specialised courses for culinary professionals, but also for novices who are looking for opportunities to gain confidence in the kitchen. The many course alternatives that this cooking institute chandigarh has in its palette is a delight in itself, with a solution for all seekers. The extensive but lucid content of the courseware is made all the more easy with the trainers giving multiple hands-on sessions for effective learning. The faculty takes pride in sharing their expertise and in depth knowledge with students at all levels.

The kitchens aka labs are professionally equipped, and the pro-active zone of the cooking institute where the students are always ready to stir up something exciting and innovative. The compelling recipes that the students get to learn and perfect originate from the most popular cuisine styles from around the world. NFCI is certainly the right place for the students who want to start their own start-ups in the lucrative hospitality industry or optionally want to settle overseas. For either of the reason, the students are thoroughly trained, groomed and polished to don the Chef’s cap with a sense of confidence and pride.

On successful completion of the cooking course opted for, the students master the culinary skills that have been absorbed over the tenure, and churn up mouth-watering dishes. The methodology use for teaching is demonstrative along with a rigorous practical schedule. As the course content reaches the advanced level, the demonstrations are more menu oriented, incorporating other necessary aspects like visual presentation, timing and authenticity of flavour.

For those who have a strong affinity for cooking and are ready to adopt their passion as a career path, NFCI Cooking Institute in Chandigarh, is the perfect choice!!

NFCI Chandigarh has garnered the status of being the most reputed Hotel Management Institute of the city beautiful and is one the most sought resource centre for aspiring culinary enthusiasts. This learning centre offers a complete gamut of programs that cover all the key career options of the Hospitality Industry be it pertaining to the culinary world, Meet & Greet arena or even the all-important house-keeping.

The programs on offer in this spectacular Hotel Management Institute include short term hobby courses, certificate programs and also full length diploma courses. The practical hands-on teaching-learning is at its best with the well-equipped, state-of-the-art set-up of NFCI Chandigarh. The well-researched curriculum has been fortified with the National (NSDC) and International (AHLEI) Accreditation giving a value added edge for the passing out students and help them bag the best career opportunities.

As this Hotel Management Institute is located in the capital city – Chandigarh, it attracts a lot of aspiring chefs from around the city and its suburbs as well. The student:teacher ratio is kept optimum to maximise the learning output. The on campus training’s and workshops conducted intermittently help the students to be abreast with the latest from the industry. All events hosted by the institute are student centred that ensure that the best hands in the hospitality industry make their enigmatic on-campus presence possible, thereby making each experience memorable and rich.

The students are also encouraged to excel in the various food fests and culinary competitions. The various laurels and achievements in such events speak in large volumes of the effectiveness of the training standards set in each of the course.

As this promising hotel management institute churns out quality professionals, it is imperative that they are prepared in more than their core proficiency. Therefore, imparting social and life skills in every program for a holistic professional training tenure is a must at NFCI Chandigarh.

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