Writer's block is an annoying and often persistent condition that impacts all writers: and that means everyone, because everyone is a writer!

A writer's block episode is a temporary situation, but we prolong the agony when we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by it rather than meeting, managing, and mastering this challenge.

You may know all too well that feeling of being shut down, not knowing what to write about or how to write it. But it's actually an opportunity to get out of our over-thinking heads, return to our bodies, and get in touch with our natural selves: our emotionality, spirituality, and physicality.

Rather than playing mind games, beating yourself up, and/or running away, grab your journal and put it to work for you on this writer's block challenge. It's an opportunity requiring action!

1. Just do It. Write.

Get out your journal notebook and drain the swamp as fast as you can. Writer's block has a real problem with things creative, so simply write, write, and write some more. Set a timer and see how many pages you do in 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Keep writing, even if it's nonsense. And keep the water bottle, or teapot, or whatever motivator/relaxing potion of your preference at the ready.

2. Start from Where You Are

You have no idea what to write. That doesn't matter! You can scribble your name; say, "I can't think of what to write;" or list what you had for breakfast. Trust the physical act of writing itself to work you gently away from your stuck-ness.

Sometimes emotional issues or other thoughts cause blockage, whether you know it consciously or not. Let your pen drift and allow these issues to surface. Once you've aired the underlying irritation or worry, you'll be able to open up to other impulses.

3. Burn the Baggage

Consider creating a series of journals, with each one labeled in a certain category. For instance, name a series about your emotional swings: one notebook for Anger, one for resentment, others for envy, loss, and tough times. Or do a series on your experiences: work, Friday nights, family, play, self-improvement. Make a pact with yourself to write in at least one of these journals every day for a month.

4. Face the Music

Pick out some music, sing with it, dance to it, play with it. Maybe some lyrics will prompt you to journal; maybe your feelings will get you going to the page.

5. Poetry in Motion

Have you ever written a poem before? Practicing writing in a different genre than the one to which you're accustomed can be incredibly inspiring.

Just start putting words on a page any way you want and then connect them. Or paste in a picture and write down the words that you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste from it.

6. Multitask and Make it Last

Add in a little meditation with your journaling. Pose a question like, "How do I get over this writer's block episode?" Bring the question into the meditation for four or five minutes and then write your thoughts in your journal.

7. Interview with the Vampire

Fantasize that you're a superhero - Batman, maybe, or Wonder Woman, and use your powers to find out what Mr. or Ms. Writer's Block story is. Conduct an interview with the monster in your journal.

8. Take a Hike

Try out an online writing class. Many online sites have all kinds of different writing classes, from the basics to in-depth specialties.

There are so many ways you can deal with writer's block, instead of letting it have its way. Journaling is a quick and always handy cure.

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From Mari McCarthy - Writing Therapy Specialist