Now that you have a World Wide Web at your own disposal, you as an affiliate marketer who owns a website you can be anywhere with thousands of surfers. Long are the ages gone when only affiliate marketing was an offline thing.

What is affiliate marketing? This is when an affiliate website owner earns commissions by sending potential buyers to merchant's websites. This commission is only earned after potential buyers buy products or services. The more the number of buyers an affiliate marketing website sends to its merchants, the more commission it receives.

Does this sound too simple and you want to be an affiliate marketer right now? Hey, hold on first! Review this statement before you jump to it, "Being a successful affiliate marketer is not easy as majority of people tend to think."

In a realistic world, nothing is achieved easily. Any successful affiliate will tell you that it involves work which is blended with passion, right attitude, patience, planning and focus to be a successful affiliate. They'll tell you the many lonely hours they sit in front of their computer screens searching for the best affiliate programs and doing research.

Successful ones know that everything starts from the time of choosing a website concept. They choose their affiliate website concepts from where targeted surfers start from. They start from the search engines because that is where targeted surfers start from.

These successful affiliates are after providing information first before selling. Why information first and not selling their merchant's products and services? Well... you see, they first sat down and thought hard. Then they asked themselves this vital question: "What makes buyers to surf the internet?"

Information was their correct answer. From that day onwards, they focused themselves by giving quality information on their affiliate websites. This way they build credibility and trust between them and their potential buyers.

Again, they know that for this information to be found easily by potential buyers on the search engines, they have to use keywords. They search for keywords that are used by potential buyers while searching on the search engines. The end result of this is a continuous flow of targeted traffic to their affiliate websites.

The successful ones own a complete set of tools. Effective tools that yield the results they want. They did not choose cheap and poor quality tools to use on their affiliate websites.

They further went an extra mile of diversifying their online affiliate businesses. They know that their affiliate websites will not survive on one source of income.

The unsuccessful ones get things wrong from the start. They begin building their affiliate marketing website concepts from where potential buyers don't start from. In the long run, their online affiliate marketing websites are not found by potential buyers on the search engines. This leads to nil traffic which eventually causes their affiliate marketing websites to fail completely.

Make no mistake about this! The secret of being a successful modern affiliate marketer is by building your affiliate website from where targeted surfers (potential buyers) start from.

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