People often ask me, “Are you living for the now?”

Answer: Heck NO!

Wish I could. Bet you do too, that is why you are reading this…the good news is it appears we are BOTH working on it. Imagine all the time wasted worrying of the past, imagine the moments lost – fearful of the future.

Funny thing is, it’s been estimated that we spend 90 percent of our lives - worrying about 10 percent that will actually happen. How many times have we had Imaginary one way conversations with ourselves that never come to fruition? (ie: When I get in there, they’ll probably say this, I’ll reply that – then they’ll say Oh ya? That’s when I’ll remind them of…)

You get the idea. Then once you arrive at your destination, more times that not what happens? Everything is fine, and the dialogue you were planning goes right out the window.

Realizing this early on, and knowing I am far from a specimen of purity, I decided to live my life with a simple motto, one that has made my personal development journey a softer path to lead.

It’s about one thing: Progress Not Perfection. We are NOT perfect creatures, yet we do have the capacity to evolve.

When I catch myself in panic over yesterday, or dreading the hours ahead, I simply catch myself and remind my inner voice to “Keep it current.” Meaning: Stay in the moment, stay in the Now.

This does not suggest that we forget about our life’s experiences - but it does suggest that we not DWELL on what had transpired behind us. Instead: Use that information in the form it was delivered…as Knowledge.

People spend a fortune to learn from others journeys, yet for some reason or another it is hard for us to grasp the fact that we have great wisdom created from what has transpired from our own existence, our own mortal quest.

Author's Bio: 

Greg S. Reid, co-Author, Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet From Gold