A lot of people want to have good and shinning hair by using keratin treatment without knowing the nitty-gritty of its usage. Keratin treatment as hair treatment makes your hair sparkling and bright.

Keratin contains 16 percent of amino acid and 91 percent of hair and the most essential amino acid is cysteine. 

The amino acid can be gotten from different sources of protein such as soya, wheat, and vegetables. The combination of proteins and other materials give your hair that desired smooth and shiny appearance. 

As research improves daily, formaldehyde initially being used was replaced with a mixture of glyoxylic acid-carbocysteine due to the side effect.

What are rules guiding keratin treatment? 

•    keeping your hair away from your ear for days after keratin treatment will prevent the hair from being disorganized.

•    Prevent water from soaking your hair so that it won’t lose out during hair treatment.

All these rules are outdated due to the new trends in research whereby new products that cater to such effects are being produced daily.

What are the few things you were told about keratin treatment? 

•    It straightens your hair and beautifies it.

•    A good keratin treatment can last for half a year.

•    The treatment does not alter your hair chemically.

•    Heating the formaldehyde used in producing keratin treatment may cause a respiratory problem if frequently used in hair treatment.

Few things you do not know about keratin treatment 

•    It replenishes the hair loss from excessive use of curling iron or hot hair rollers, hair spray, and other styling like perming, relaxing, and so on.

•    Don’t complain about the hours you will use for keratin treatment because it last longer for months.

•    Do you know the formaldehyde-free product may still contain little? You need to be careful in the product you choose because it is not 100% free of formaldehyde.

•    No matter how your hair type condition is, there is an available keratin treatment product for it. Make sure you consult your hairstylist before making any move. 

You might want to ask: can keratin treatment damage my hair?

Be rest assured that keratin treatment does not damage hair especially if you did not use the formaldehyde-containing solution. But if you do, it should not be a frequent treatment in hair treatment. Click here for complete information on keratin treatment and its effect on your hair.

 Can keratin treatment increase my hair?

A keratin treatment will not add to your hair so to speak because the treatment cover-up for the available holes in your hair and makes the hair strong. Though, your body hair has keratin and any loss that may occur in your hair through the application of any keratin treatment product will be replaced by the keratin in the product you choose to use.

How do you take care of your hair after keratin treatment?

In the old method of keratin treatment, hairstylists advised most of them to keep away from pouring water on their hair for some stipulated days. 

This newly available product gives you the privilege to wash your hair with shampoo after 30 minutes of keratin treatment application.

Refresh your hair to keep it from discoloration due to the effect of iron usage in blending during hair treatment. Keep your hair in silky form by hydrating it with hair masks mostly at night.

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