Create amazing decorations with balloons. All children love balloons, they are inexpensive and offer vibrant colors to their decorations. Balloons are a must for every party.

Several helium filled balloons can be tied to your mailbox so everyone can see the party. Create a simple centerpiece with bunches of balloons anchored with a stuffed animal or festive balloon weight in the middle of the party table. Tie a special birthday Mylar balloon to the birthday child's chair to mark the honor seat.

An impressive way to direct guests to the party area is through a balloon arch. It's simple: just attach helium-filled balloons to a ribbon about every 10 inches and pin it to the ground on both sides of the doorway. Buy extra balloons to make sure you have enough to gift one to each party guest when they leave.

Crepe paper

Crepe paper is another cheap and easy party decoration. Secure four to six sheets of crepe paper across the room, corner to corner, turning as you go. For an extra fancy decoration, twist two different colors of crepe paper together. For easy removal after the party, secure the crepe paper with masking tape or tack. Cover any tapes or tacks with a couple of balloons.

For a '60s beaded look, hang strips of crepe paper on the doors. Alternate vibrant colors or patterned crepe paper for added visual interest.

Table decorations

Gather your decorations by adding matching tablecloths to your party tables. Whether you choose solid color table covers, available in a rainbow of vibrant colors, or a table cover that matches your theme, table covers are a must. They offer easy cleaning - just pick it up and throw it away!

Aside from the balloons for a centerpiece, you can use one or more of your child's toys related to the party theme as a centerpiece. A cowboy hat for a western party, Tonka trucks for a construction party, Barbies for a costume party - they all make unique centerpieces. Let your child help you with the centerpieces, they may have their own ideas for what toys might work well with a theme.

Sprinkling party confetti with several pieces of curly ribbon will complete your table decor.

Greeting sign

Welcome your guest with a greeting sign in the front yard or on the door. These signs are available in many colors and party themes. Can't find a greeting sign that matches your party theme? These signs are easy to make. With a little imagination and some craft supplies, you can create a greeting sign that is uniquely yours.

Welcome your guest to a western party with a "Welcome to the Wild West" sign, a pink, yellow and orange party sign for a luau could be decorated with a grass skirt or leis, a construction themed party would be black and yellow with "Caution:" Party Zone "written on it, you get the idea.


Get into the playful atmosphere of the party with a costume. It's fun to dress up in the party theme, even if you just have a fun hat, glasses, wig, or beads. Costumes and accessories can be found online throughout the year. You can find everything from full costumes to the smallest accessory. So don't let the time of year you have your party keep you from dressing up.

Parents and party guests will be rushing to your next party when you follow these simple party decorating tips. Your parties will be the ones everyone is waiting to be invited to!

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Get into the playful atmosphere of the party with a costume. It's fun to dress up in the party theme, even if you just have a fun hat, glasses, wig, or beads.