It doesn’t matters whether you are young, middle aged or old, financial loss is a big thing for everyone. According to a Chicago commodities attorney when there is a dispute between a security broker and a client then you need to seek help from securities arbitration lawyer. Usually such security disputes do not go to courts but are heard in Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Arbitration. So when you are looking for a good security lawyer for solving the dispute, you also need to check out his performance, experience and reputation in FINRA.

In what kind of cases you can seek help from Arbitration lawyer?

  1. Unauthorised trades! According to Chicago hedge fund lawyer, if a broker do not seek permission from the investor before executing any trade then it will be counted under unauthorised trade. A broker needs to follow various judiciary mandate in order to carry various transactions on behalf of the client. It includes written permission from the client. If you have been victim of such unauthorised trade then you can take the broker to the regulatory bodies with the help of an arbitration lawyer.
  2. Unsuitable trade recommendations, purchase or change in profile! According to Securities regulatory lawyer, if your broker has changed your investment portfolio without your inputs or recommended unsuitable purchases that lead to heavy loss then you can take the broker to regulatory bodies for settlement of losses. It is often accompanied with unauthorised trade and the case is made by the lawyer accordingly. If you are retired person or someone nearing retirement and your investment plan has been change from conserving to aggressive without any consultation then you take legal action against the broker.
  3. Mutual fund switching! At times brokers advice their clients to exit one mutual fund and enter into another one. This may not be in best of interest of the client but in interest of broker as they will earn high commission and brokerage. According to Securities law firm, in such cases also you can frame legal case against the broker. Any investment plan suggested by the broker should be in best interest of the client and not of the broker.
  4. Fraudulent research figures! According to a financial advisor lawyers in Chicago, many brokers often show false research figures in order to convince the client for making investment in certain portfolios. If you have been made to believe in figures like these then you can definitely take help from arbitration lawyer and question wrong doings of broker.


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