Fleas and ticks are very frustrating for pet owners and irritating for your pets. Frontline makes both spray medication and liquid flea medication for dogs and cats. Using both types of Frontline makes sense because both kill fleas and ticks on your animal right away, and protect them against fleas and ticks for an entire month.

Frontline Spray is a medication for cats and dogs. This will get rid of ticks and fleas and prevents them from infesting the system of those parasites. But when using a frontline spray, it must be used with caution and all of the directions must be followed, because this medication contains pesticides that is harmful to the health of animals as well as humans.

Here are some of the consideration when using frontline spray. You must consider the age and of course the condition of your pet. Do not administer if your pet under the age of eight weeks. This medication can cause irritation to the skin, because this is applied directly to the skin. It is also best not to use Frontline Spray on a pregnant pet. This may cause a problem for the unborn animals.

When applying the frontline spray, you want to wear latex gloves. Ruffle the fur of your pets and the spray one to two pumps per pound of body weight. You should spray the solution onto your hand and then wipe the solution on the pet. Before administering this products to your pets, you must consider to protect your self, like wearing a gloves and mask. Because frontline spray can absorb in your skin and it must be avoided. Throw the gloves away after administering the products to avoid contamination. And is is important you thoroughly wash your hands after application.

Frontline will kill fleas in all life stages within 24 hours. This product is stored in oil glands under the skin of your pets, and delivered through the hair follicles. This medication continues working for up to a month after application. Frontline spray is ideal for severe infestation, you can apply to get immediate results. Frontline Spray should be applied over the pet's entire body, with care taken not to get the product in the eyes of your pet. The topical Frontline Plus and Frontline Top Spot are applied by parting the hair of your pets and squeezing the application onto a single spot between the shoulder blades of your pets.

Fipronil, an insecticide which is a main ingredient in frontline. This chemicals targets the nervous system of fleas and ticks which results in paralysis and death. Frontline Plus contains the added ingredient (S)-methoprene, which is an insect growth regulator, meaning it prevents the fleas and ticks from maturing or reproducing.

The good thing about frontline spray and frontline plus, is that is does not get inside the system of your pets. Frontline spray, frontline plus and frontline top spot is actually stays on the dermal layer where in the fleas and ticks are going to go but it is not absorbed into the dog and that's one of the reasons it is such a safe product.

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