Drug companies rolled out their latest lethal concoctions with warm and fuzzy TV ads showing arthritis patients dancing the night away. This could be you, said the ad. Just take our brand new biologic drug and your arthritis will disappear!
The fact is that all of these biologics have the most horrific side effects; side effects known to the FDA before licensing. One of the more benign side effects is Tuberculosis. Yes, that’s benign. The more serious and proven side effect is death. Plain old, simple death. Drug companies are touting their poison to patients desperate for pain relief. And the medical profession is aiding and abetting in this lethal experiment by prescribing what they must know is a death dealing concoction.

How did it come to this? How did we allow ourselves to be slaughtered like cattle while filling the pockets of the medical profession and big drug? Well, it was insidious. We started by chewing willow tree bark to alleviate our pain and we graduated from relatively benign bark tablets to the actual poison we ingest or inject today. Big Drug pays billions of dollars in marketing and advertising to make us dependent on Enbrel, Humira Kineret, Remicade, Rituxan, Orencia et al. And the wages of these drugs is death.

It need not be thus. The experts have finally admitted that there are natural products, long dismissed as primitive old wives cures, which have, for centuries, alleviated pain and, in some cases, have actually cured arthritis. One of these natural products is copper. Copper is an element essential to well being and we don’t get it from our modern diet. We can get it by wearing a copper bracelet. Copper from the bracelet is absorbed through the skin in minute quantities. It supplements your copper reserves and, in time, reduces the pain and swelling in your joints. And the only side effect it has is sheer gleaming beauty!
There is only one way to defeat the horror of biologic drugs; don’t take them. If your rheumatoid arthritis is severe, your physician will probably suggest that you try Embrel, Humira or one of the other lethal chemicals. Don’t. You are a guinea pig. Your reaction to the drug is monitored, not for your benefit but to add to the knowledge database of the pharmaceutical company. You have a stroke, contract cancer or drop dead as a result of taking biologic drugs? Acceptable collateral damage. Read the small print. Listen to the disclaimers on the TV ads. Do not take biologics!

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Patricia is the Irish lawyer who founded Dealon Bracelets Inc. She writes and speaks on both alternative health and internet marketing. She lives in Las Vegas. You can reach her at her web site http://www.dealonbracelets.com