Landline texting for school provides an advanced SMS solution for schools. This SMS solution allows schools to use their landline or toll-free number for texting with students, teachers, and parents. Also, it comes with a wide range of features that bridge the communication gap. This article shares benefits of landline texting for schools.

Schools need to stay in touch with students, teachers, other staff members and parents of students. Calling or emailing wouldn’t be convenient all the time. Here, an SMS solution can work at its best. Schools can take benefit of an advanced SMS solution, namely, Landline Texting.

The landline texting solution text enables the landline or toll-free number of the school for two way texting. The text-to-landline solution is the best SMS solution for schools that comes with a wide range of features to bridge the communication gap and strengthen communication of schools. Below is the list of key features of this Landline texting solution for schools:

• Contact Management

The contacts can be stored for parents, students, and staff of the institute with all details such as first name, last name, email address, phone numbers, etc.

• Contact Grouping

Contacts can be grouped into one or more groups based on the category, such as staff, students of the first standard, Parents of fifth standard kids, etc.

• Group Message

To send the message to a specific group of people such as sending exam dates to students and parents of the specific class.

• Bulk SMS

It can be used to send mass messages to all or many people at the same time. This feature is great to send alerts, notifications, etc. For an instance, sending a message to all parents about upcoming parent meeting or sending an alert about the day off due to weather change can be done with this bulk SMS feature of landline texting.

• Scheduled SMS

This feature provides a facility to schedule a message which will be sent on predefined time. For an instance, sending a reminder of upcoming exams or parents meeting to assure the maximum attendance can be done with this feature.

• ITR (Integrated Text Response)

It is similar to IVR (Interactive Voice Response). People can interact with this feature to get answers of predefined questions. Schools can also use this feature to conduct the survey or collect feedback from parents, students or staff.

• Auto Reply

The landline texting allows sending a predefined response to certain questions automatically with this feature. The schools can use this feature to answer frequently asked questions such as school timing, school address and its branches, etc. This will save time of the school resources from answering the same queries.

• Message Templates

The landline SMS solution also allows saving message templates for the messages, which are used repetitively. This will save a lot of time from typing similar messages or saving it in the system

• Reports

The texting to landline solution keeps logs of all text messages; send or received through the platform. This can help in keeping track of all conversations.

Along with these features there are many features such as remote access of the solution with easy to use panel, text to phone or email, etc. The schools can empower their communication system with this landline texting service.

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Gabor is fascinated with the concept of landline texting. He writes content about different communication solutions. The landline texting for schools is one of the advanced SMs solutions schools can use for its benefit.