Law of Attraction: Expect it, and it will come.

What you think about, you bring about, right? Hmm, not always.

Here’s the key: you must EXPECT that the very thing you are focusing on will happen! My friend, Katherine Woodward Thomas, in her book, Calling In the One, terms it “holding the high watch”.

The difference between thinking about a goal and expecting the desired outcome is that a thought is just a distant hope. Expecting goes further to a physical sense of knowing. People like to think it’s something they’re doing. It’s not. It’s something they’re being.

Years ago, when I needed $3,000 desperately to pay my bills, I began my journey into this work. I wrote out checks for all my bills, put them in the envelope, stamped them and put them on my table. I had set my intention to draw this money, and then I prepared for its arrival.

Someone asked me where I was going to get this imaginary cash.

I replied, “From wherever it is now.”

And it did arrive . . . thanks to an intention I had set months prior.

I had referred a friend of mine to a lucrative speaking and consulting assignment. I had not heard anything, so I completely forgot about it. But the day after I placed my checks out to be paid, a check arrived for $3,100. My friend had gifted me 10% of her job!

I EXPECTED something to happen. And this is the secret I want to share with you.
What are you expecting today? Whatever it is, prepare for it. Do everything you can to get ready!

Imagine, for a moment, expectant parents. They have just learned they are with child . . . they’re sublimely happy. What do they do after the news? They start to get the baby’s room ready. Why? They’re in EXPECTATION of the child. They don’t wait until the baby arrives to prepare his or her room. This is the state you need to be in: preparation.

Are you starting to catch my drift?

To manifest the life of your dreams, you must be in harmony with your expectations. Align yourself with the belief that what you desire is already in the bag. May the law of attraction be with you!

Author's Bio: 

Tori Hartman is a psychic and entrepreneur and was one of four psychics featured in The New York Times. Her message is one of empowering people to use their own intuition to make decisions and create the life of their dreams. Tori lives in Los Angeles, CA with her two Whippets, Frank and Owen.
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