Law of Attraction
Many of you wish to manifest something more constructive in your life, such as finding joy through love or gaining financial independence. The Law of Attraction, made popular by Rhonda Byrne's book, The Secret, defines this law as simply focusing all your energy and thought on your desired wish, and soon the universe will deliver your wish to you.

More Clarification Needed
Quantum physics supports this premise, validating that your thoughts do define your world. However, despite the simplicity of the idea, you may be one of many people who still have trouble manifesting their most desired wants. What is an effective solution to this dilemma? Could it be the definition of 'soon' needs more clarification?

Human Brain Operation – Time it Takes to Form a Habit
The human brain is a highly complex organ that is the great director of all the other physical bodily functions. The brain uses electrical impulses to send messages to other parts of the body, allowing it to operate effectively. These electrical impulses form an elaborate web of interconnecting electromagnetic neurons and neuropeptides.

According to Wikipedia, "A neuron is an excitable cell in the nervous system that processes and transmits information by electrochemical signaling. Neuropeptides are small protein-like molecules used by neurons to communicate with each other." In other words, they are signaling molecules, "involved in particular brain functions, like analgesia, reward, food intake, learning and memory."

As time goes by, these circuits of neuropathways and neuroconnectors trace memories. Researchers, like Dr. Maxwell Maltz, have shown that it takes 21 days, or three weeks to make a stable memory connection. Therefore, the brain's neuropathways and neuroconnectors must be repeatedly, consistently, and without interruption, flooded with the same signal for 21 straight days in order to make a change. In other words, it takes three weeks to form a habit.

Spiritual Connection to the Whole Universe
The Law of Attraction supports the idea that you can manifest everything you request. It is a spiritual connection. The statement, "We are all part of the whole, and not separate" is a quote by a spiritual advisor named Charles Crooks. He further states, "Being that all things are part of the whole and no thing is separate, and ourselves being part of the whole, there is no possible way anything realized is outside, including the light of angels and/or the Creator." Reflecting on these statements with regard to the brain's activity, might you ascertain that the brain is not just conducting a physical activity, but also, is part of a larger cosmos of the universe where everything is connected?

Effective Solution – Try Law Daily for At Least 3 Weeks Without Missing a Day
There is a basic process to the Law of Attraction: perceive and live by that which you wish to bring forward, and know that already waiting patiently within is what you perceive. However, how long does it take before you realize (and receive) that which is within? The timing of realization and receipt of those things that you wish to bring forward under the Law of Attraction can be variable. However, the ability to change a habit has been found to follow a 21-day cycle. The Law of Attraction may function in that frame of time. Since you are part of the whole, and not separate, might it be that you can apply the same 21-day formula for forming a habit to manifesting your wants under the Law of Attraction?

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