LDS Groom’s Checklist and to Do List for LDS Weddings (LDS Temple Sealing)and the LDS Reception(s) after the Temple Sealing ceremony.

Traditionally the LDS groom is responsible for a few things on his own and these may include:

1. Remain temple worthy and true and faithful to all your temple covenants
2. You and your bride-to-be meet with your bishop(s)
3. Make sure that both you and your bride have current temple recommends
4. Obtain a marriage license from the local authority
(you may need to have a blood test first)
5. Obtain a "Recommend for Living Ordinances" from your respective Bishop(s) & Stake Presidents(s)
6. Schedule the day and time for the temple sealing room
7. Select/arrange for a temple sealer
8. Buy your bride to be her wedding ring
9. Choose your best man and groomsmen and be sure they can make the dates
10. Remind all men in the wedding party to get measured and order their tuxedos
11. Purchase gifts for groomsmen
12. Prepare a toast (or delegate the toast) for the reception rehearsal dinner
13. Prepare your speech for the ring ceremony at the wedding reception(s)
14. Arrange transportation for the wedding & reception day(s) and for the honeymoon
15. Some guests are from out of town, the groom should ensure they have
accommodations for the LDS Temple Sealing (LDS Wedding) & LDS receptions.
16. Plan the honeymoon together with your bride
17. Book the honeymoon flight, hotel/resort and ground transportation
(Be sure and get written confirmation and maybe a guarantee for late arrival)
18. If you are going overseas for your honeymoon ensure both of your Passports
are current and you have any Visa's that are required.
19. Decide the address where you two will live together after the temple sealing
20. If your bride needs to take out temple endowments –
(We suggest she does it a few days in advance) go with her to the LDS Temple

LDS Wedding Planning to Do list for LDS grooms:

Planning and organizing your LDS Temple Wedding (Sealing), your wedding reception(s) and a honeymoon are all important decisions for both the LDS bride and LDS groom as they are some of your first major decisions together. (Yes, note I did saw receptions. Many times the LDS bride's and LDS groom's family may come from different part of the Country, or the World, which is especially true I the LDS bride and groom at BYU or other another college). In addition to the Groom’s Checklist above here are some the key decisions that you and your bride will need to address to make your LDS Temple Wedding and Wedding reception perfect:

1. Which LDS Temple will you be sealed in together for time and all eternity?
2. The date & time of your LDS wedding (Call the temple of choice for availability)
3. What will be your wedding theme
4. What will be your wedding colors
5. How many people and who will be invited to your LDS temple sealing
6. The guest list of those who will attend the wedding reception(s) only
7. Decide how you will politely and lovingly address possible issues of your LDS Temple Wedding with non-member guests
8. Who will be the members of your wedding party (what are their specific duties)
9. The type and style of wedding invitations to send out
10. Select & book wedding entertainment in advance for the wedding receptions
11. Select the important wedding vendors needed, such as:
Wedding photographers
Or just do all yourself (DIY Wedding) with friends and family helping
12. Select and book in advance the wedding reception site(s). You and your bride may decide to:
Use an LDS Church building’s cultural hall
Have a garden wedding reception
Have your wedding reception at the beach or at a lake
Do an Open House (or do open houses at the bride & groom parent's home)
Do an Open House at the bride and groom's new place.
Book with a private wedding venue

As a provident living LDS Groom and LDS Bride you will need to establish a realistic and practical wedding budget together. You should consult with your parents or other family members who are helping out with expenses. We recommend that you use a good Wedding Budget Planner to keep track of all the expenses

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