A currency market is a foreign exchange market. it opens till 24 hours a day and millions of businessmen worldwide around 5 days take advantage of highly liquid financial instruments and business volume. The FX market never sleeps. it has been one of the world's most innovative and revolutionary financial markets.
forex market is the money market, which is done through an online trading platform. To recognize what is a complete and clear foreign exchange trading we take a look at the emergence and development of the monetary system to support you in the Forex market. there are several advantages of forex trading that is-
• No fee or indirect commission
• 24-hour market action
• Ability to do dozens of business currency pairs
• Popular leverage to maximize your profit
• The profit potential increases and falling prices
• Liquidity compared to other financial markets to the highest
• Market through various instruments through the Access Online Trading Platform
Forex Charts are one of the most important tools which are used while trading in forex. Traders use these various kinds of forex charts to look for any patterns in historical price action, so as to forecast a potential move in the future. A trader should know about different types of online forex charts.

1) Line chart-The line chart is the simplest type of chart. In this chart, a single line shows off the closed prices of each day. Dates appear at the bottom of the chart and the prices are displayed next. The power of the line chart is due to its simplicity. Line forex chart is simple to use and easy-to-understand to the view of the value of the security for a certain time period.

2) Bar chart- Bar chart displays open, high, low, and closed prices for each time period of a security. The bar chart is the most popular security chart. the main advantage of using this bar charts is that it is able to plot price gaps.

3) Candlestick chart - Candlestick chart shows open, high, low and closed values in the same format as the modern bar chart, but in this form which reduces the connection between open and closed expressions. Candlestick chart is a simple new way of looking at values - there is no calculation involved.

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