The best part is that you don't have to be miserable, unhappy, or stuck anymore if you listen to what I did and follow these same steps.

How many times do you find yourself in situations - a job, or social group, or a way of life that you have NO business being in or around?
This is NOT you!
Your voice silenced?
Your essence shunned?
And your power, dormant?

OR perhaps, you're going to the next level, and you're undertaking your biggest risk ever, but you're pressured by the people around you to "maintain status quo"? And you know that you're NOT growing or challenging yourself?

OR you sway back-and-forth, conflicted on what to do, and you become a billboard of a mixed message? You know people don't know who you are, or what you're standing for?

For instance, I was working—just getting through the day and disconnected from myself in a big way! I was playing small, seeking approval and people pleasing, and the more I did it, the worse I felt. And before I knew it, my life was like a ship lost at sea. I felt trapped in a storm that never ended. I could not see the shores or any other help was in sight. I knew that if I did not jump ship, I would drown, and so I did — I jumped!

I swam, tread water, and kept myself afloat—not seeing any help in sight, for what actually turned out to be years. Something inside--spirit--would not let me die. Would not let me quit. It was clear it wanted to live, loved being alive! And I saw why after it showed me my destiny and dream life.


To get rid of these problems and gain confidence and control over your life, YOU absolutely must listen to your own internal communication system -your inner voice and gut feeling.

Think about it...! You have a uniquely designed, messaging system personalized just for YOU! It's uniquely guiding YOU/advising you where to go, what to do, when, how, and more! It's the highest barometer YOU CAN TRUST in decision-making and taking action.

So, what exactly is your "inner voice" and "gut feeling", and why they're important?

First, the INNER VOICE you hear comes from your Higher Self! Yes, your Higher Self exists inside of you now! It is your dream life existence dwelling today. Your Higher Self always reveals itself by talking to you, speaking your truth, from your heart. Its purpose is to guide you in experiencing your dreams in your life everyday. your inner voice always connects you to the mindset of your Higher self--a way of thinking on the high road, to perceive higher possibilities in your life.

Practice listening to your inner voice--really listening to what it is saying to you. Allow yourself to trust what is says and take action and watch the results! You'll see your own confidence boosts.

Second, the GUT FEELING is the presence and body of your Higher Self within you! Isn't it interesting the overwhelming sensations as it signals you--warm-positive or uncomfortably negative--to situations, opportunities, and people that impact your life? How many stories do you have of ignoring your gut feeling NOT to do something, and the aftermath was bad or even disastrous? And you say, "if only I had listened to my gut feeling."

Your Higher Self has the vision and the foresight of your destiny. Your gut feeling is its overwhelming delight every time you encounter precise situations, opportunities, and people that make up your dreams and desires. And your life is experienced joyful, excited, and happy. And there it is... the secret to life.

Practice listening to your gut feeling, follow what it says, and then watch how you confidently gain more control over your own life.


YOU SHOULD EXPECT other messages to be contrary to the truth about who you are, what you have, and what you can do.

Other messages are designed to say other things.

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