Legal trips:
Dangers of getting high when it’s cheap and easy,
And legal!
Bath Salts edition

For parents

We live in a generation where many things are accessible to us. From entertainment, to food or whatever it is that fulfills our desire, that makes us “relax”. That puts us at ease. We also live in a society full of turmoil and uncertainty. Gun violence, police brutality, wars, and untimely deaths rule our television screens, when the news is on.

That is why drug use is so popular among the youth. The stressors of life, growing pains and simply put (not having the maturity to deal with boredom) often times leads young people into drug use. That is why I find it to be very important if you can take your time and get to know your kid, assess their talents and skills so they can find their place early in life, to avoid curiosity of things unfamiliar to them.
Keep your kids busy, so they won’t have to experiment with drugs and alcohol.

This will occupy their mind and help them focus on accomplishing their goals. We must build up children with strong characters, who understand right from wrong. At the end of the day we all want what’s best for our children.

We can think back and remember our childhood but for some of us our teenage years cause nostalgia. Most of our special experiences take place at this time. Our bodies change, we start creating relationships outside family members or close friends. This is also the time where most people experiment with drugs and alcohol. I can remember all my friends already trying weed for the first time by the time we were 14.
According to the NHSDA (national household survey on drug abuse), 2.1 million youths between the ages 12-17 had used some sort of inhalants before the year 2000. Basically 8.9% of teens in the U.S are using inhalants. 3.9 of these youths considered in the survey, used glue, shoe polish and toluene. 3.3% had used gasoline or lighter fluid. These are the facts laid out. Teens in America are being consumed by addiction more and more. I remember my teenage years, there were a lot of commercials on television about peer pressure. It is said that young people learn from each other, so as a parent we should monitor who is in out of your house and your teens life. You cannot allow people to linger in your teens life that will expose them to things that they are not familiar with. Let’s protect our children’s circle. The world we create for them and the people we allow around them. Yesterday, I went to a seminar, given by my daughter’s school. It is mandatory, so I can use the school’s after school program.

Badger, the lady police officer warned us about the dangers that are out on the internet, how easy it is now a days for children and teens to fall victim to online predators. She also said something that stayed with me, “you will never fully know what they are doing, some even have social media accounts that you might not know about” she said. That is a scary thought. Especially considering that as parents, we have to go out and work, all while maintaining the household, caring for our spouse and still find time to bond with our kids. Yes, it is possible but first we must educate ourselves with what is going on in their world. Teens have a different lingo, social rules and way of thinking, that are foreign to us.

So what do kids now a days do to get high, especially when they don't have much funds. Together we will explore the alternatives teens are using to getting high when they don’t have access or the money to purchase more popular drugs.

1- Bath Salts or Pabs

What are they?
Although the name implies that it is a product for bathing, it is actually not! Bath Salts are a psychoactive drug that fall under the category of designer drugs. To understand the potency of these Bath Salts it is important to break down what designer drugs really are? Designer drugs are different substances [that usually have been tested, tried and discarded of] synthesized to mimic a particular drug. Yes, Bath Salts are basically a concoction of sometimes, unknown substances put together carelessly. So adverse reactions are to be expected. Now a days, trying street drugs is like playing Russian Roulette because that said drug might even kill you, even if it’s the teen’s first time.

What do they do?
It’s been reported from emergency rooms all over the country that these bath salts are giving users a high similar to methamphetamine, which is considered legal “cocaine”. It is easy to overdose on this substance because the impact that said dose might cause depends on how it is being ingested. For instance, if you ingest the Bath Salts orally, it becomes more dangerous due to how rapid absorption is. Sending the user into a peak “high” after an hour of ingestion, then into a crash. The complete Bath Salts high can last up to 8 hours. It causes hypothermia, tachycardia, seizures, high blood pressure and many times death, most likely from the high peak effects that tend to drop drastically.

Where do they get it?
Unfortunately, Bath Salts are very accessible they are everywhere over the internet, which is the number one way most young people acquire it. It’s even available in your local convenience store, gas stations and smoke shops. So the teens have no problem getting it, so by educating them about it’s effects is how we are going to prevent more unfortunate deaths. Bath Salts are usually off white, white or yellowish in color.

Signs your teen uses Bath Salts:

The first sign of drug use in a teen, is when they start withdrawing to their room more than normal. When children become teens, they usually withdraw so don’t be worried. It probably should concern you if they seem startled if you come in.
Another common sign would be if valuable things start missing. Like the cash that usually lies on the coffee table. Or the teen starts “losing” valuable things frequently.
Their facial skin starts to change and marks on the body depending on the way they ingested the Bath Salts.
Their personality seems to have changed aside from the common changes during the adolescent stage. They are angry, erratic, impulsive and impatient.
They constantly ask for money.
They sneak out.
New “wierd” people you have never seen coming to pick them up or calling their cellphone.

*Warning as of 2011, the psychoactive ingredients in Bath Salts are undetectable in routine drug screens, so be extra watchful if you suspect your teen is using.


If your teen is using do something about it, quick. The next time they use Bath Salts could be their last.
Interventions are a great way for addicts to know they are being watched, cared for and loved. Plan an intervention with people you are sure your teen would not mind having there.
Show love and support, not judgement.
If these things do not work there are services available to help with unruly teens that fight, misbehave, engage in crime or use drugs. Now a days, there is a lot of assistance to help with these common problems our youth go through such as community centers, social workers in your local precinct or a hotline dedicated to this cause.

Move quickly, do not let these signs go on, it can get worse and ultimately lead to death. This can even apply to the friend of your teens. Speak out and seek help!

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A guide for parents educating themselves on how the youth can gain access to drugs that can be obtained legally and used for their demise. A series.