Have you started your own Internet business? If you have established an online business or thought about doing it, have you commenced planning how to increase the amount of traffic that comes to your web site or blog? It is extremely important to take some steps to attract a steady flow of traffic. A potentially outstanding method for carrying this out involves getting your friends and other people whom you build a friendly rapport with to be of huge assistance to you in attracting visitors. By reading this article, you will learn how to utilize friend feeds to generate Internet traffic.

One method you can employ is to talk with friends, relatives and casual acquaintances while utilizing the word-of-mouth process. Below is an example of a special dialogue you can practice with.

Your friend: “What’s up, Todd? I have not seen you in quite a while. How are you doing? What have you been up to these days?”

You: “I’m doing okay, Jerry. Thank you for asking. I am running my own business online. It involves selling furniture items that can be delivered around the world. Do you need any new furniture?”

Jerry: “No, I do not need any new furniture but thank you for asking.”

You: “Do you have any friends or relatives who need new furniture?”

Jerry: “I know about ten people who need new furniture.”

You: “I can probably help them. I have business cards that include the link to my web site. Please pass these on to your friends.”

Another method you can employ to generate more traffic through friend feeds is to provide links to those you know or build a rapport with over the Internet. When you communicate with friends and relatives through E-mail, provide them the link to your web site and ask them to spread the word about you and bookmark your site.

You can make friends online by doing things that will build a rapport with them. If you do a good job writing articles or answering other people’s questions in a forum on a particular web site, you will make some people very happy and they will probably want to visit your web site.

Engage in the social networking process. Become a member of social web sites such as Friendster and My Space. Provide the link to your site on your profile and try to make new friends.

Use viral marketing. This method involves letting your web site visitors directly invite others to check out your site. A great way to do this is to create a web site through Web and insert a viral marketing button that will let visitors send an E-mail invitation to others. The link to your site is automatically included in the pop-up message that appears when your button is clicked.

Follow these steps to generate more Internet traffic to your site through friend feeds!

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