Letter To Husband To End Marriage: Letter To My Husband About Divorce

Ending a marriage is very difficult for most spouses to do. There are many who find it challenging to do so because it's hard to believe the relationship they once had is no more. They also in most instances still have feelings for their partner and want to end the relationship gracefully.

Unless there has been abuse in the relationship or in some cases infidelity, most people don't want to hurt their spouse. Ending a marriage where abuse is present is somewhat of a relief, but is still difficult for most, because at some point in the marriage, love and affection were present.

How To End a Marriage Gracefully and With Love

Don't Blindside Your Spouse

Marriage was designed to last forever but we know by statistics that it doesn't always turn out that way. Marriage is one of the most important commitments one will make in his or her life.

Ending a marriage should be well thought through and not a surprise to your spouse. There should be no assumptions made that your spouse knows you aren't happy. Being unhappy is a poor reason to end a marriage unless couples have done their best to fix marital issues.

Respect Your Spouse When Ending a Marriage

Divorce can turn into a nightmare if not managed properly. Although the relationship is ending, you will forever be a part of each others lives. You most likely have family, friends or other common interest that will result in your need to be together.

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Let your interactions be as peaceful and respectful as possible. Make sure you respect your spouses stuff, time, and feelings. Ending a relationship can cause feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy and bitterness to surface.

Do your part in not contributing or feeding these negative emotions while ending your marriage.

Make Sure It's What You Must Do

Ending a marriage is not something that has to be done but is more of a choice one or both spouses make. There are many who choose to divorce instead of fighting for their marriage.

If you haven't given it your all to save your marriage then you are taking the easy road out (sorry to sound judgmental). It's not my intention to insult but I've seen divorce first hand when my parents got divorced. It was not done gracefully or with love and I don't wish to see anyone go through what our family did.

Ending a marriage gracefully and with love should be the only way a marriage ends.

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You can save a marriage before it dissolves into divorce. In fact, you can do what it takes to rebuild your relationship even if only one spouse is interested in the process. If you want to stop a divorce, you just need to use a special approach. A simple re-visualization of the way marriage works is the key.

Most of us look at marriage as a team activity. That makes sense, it is a partnership, after all. However, that "team" perspective often gets in the way of saving marriages from divorce. Countless marriages that could have been saved end up destroyed because people fail to understand that a different way of looking at problems can produce awesome results.

Instead of thinking about marriage as two people trying to lift a big rock, start thinking about a teeter-totter. I know it sounds strange, but follow me for a moment.

If you need to lift that big rock, both people will need to get a grip. Both will need to lift at the same time. Both will need to put forth a magnificent effort. If one person fails to do his or her part, nothing will be accomplished.

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Now, think of a teeter-totter (some people call it a see-saw). Let's say your goal is to balance that teeter-totter. Now, you can do that if the persons on both sides make an effort to equalize their weight, but there's also an opportunity to accomplish the goal if only person takes action. One person can change the weight or pressure on their side of the see-saw, resolving the problem.

I know what you're thinking: What in the world does this have to do with saving my marriage? Good question!

The point of this metaphor is simply this: Your marriage is a teeter-totter. That means you can take action to balance it even if your partner doesn't it. If you want to salvage your relationship, you can. You can save a marriage even when your spouse doesn't seem ready to do his or her share of the work. Once you understand that, you're halfway home to a much better marriage.

If the metaphor isn't clear to you yet, don't worry. It will be. If you do a little more homework about the best way to stop a divorce, things will become even more clear!

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Larenda ended her very long email by simply saying, "My husband told me he isn't attracted to me anymore. I don't know how to handle that. I feel like my marriage is falling down around me."

I'd like to say I can't relate to that. However, I have been on the receiving end of that conversation and it is devastating. At first glance it feels like it's all about not being good enough, for that other person. At second glance though, it's something entirely different. Truth of the matter is, it's never about how another person feels. When I went through a similar situation many years ago, I must admit to being completely deflated. I felt like I was never going to be good enough, for him, or anyone else. Attractiveness is tricky though. Although we are talking about "physical attractiveness" here, it's really about something so much more Universal. Long before someone else says they aren't attracted to you, in most cases, especially in my case, I had silently quit feeling attractive long before. I didn't feel physically attractive, emotionally attractive, or energetically attractive. This had nothing to do with my weight, or my hair, or my make-up. It did have everything to do with the fact that I was overwhelmed, sad, and completely energetically spent. At that time nothing in my life was going the way I wanted it to. Friendships were rocky, work was a nightmare, and yes, my relationship was running flat - at best. That's really the way it has to work, because I was vibrating at such a low place. Bottom line - I was not attractive. I was not attractive to my love, or anyone or anything else. Most importantly, I wasn't attractive to me.

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Attracting the good stuff has everything to do with living passionately and loving unconditionally. It took me a very long time to learn that when I'm not in alignment with my highest self I can't be my most attractive. It also took me a long time to learn that I want to be my most attractive for me, and me only. Not for a man, not any man, not ever. I know for sure now, that the way people relate to me is a direct reflection of how I feel about myself. I also know the only way I'm feeling like the spunky, beautiful, ball of love I was intended to be, is if I'm living my best, most vibrant, life in alignment with the Divine. The only person who's job it is to see to it I'm there, is me. If I can't make me happy, no one else can. And let me tell you, I am much sexier woman when I'm well fed, well rested, and blissed out.

So, to Larenda, and any other woman out there feeling devastatingly unattractive, I have one thing to say. The only person who needs to be attracted to you is you. Period. When you're in your best groove, everything else and everyone else follows, including the man in your life, or the man to come. It's that simple. You have to feel sexy to be sexy. You have to feel confident to be confident. You have to deeply, unwaveringly, love yourself with great devotion before any one else can.

It's an inside job. It always is.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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In most cases, marriages suffer from a failure to keep listening and interacting in a way that is real and meaningful. For example, if your spouse asks how your day was, you may give an automatic answer, and then go looking for a martini. While this behavior may appear normal, it is crucial to realize that this was not always the way things were. Aside from thinking about what you both used to do, you will also need to think about what you actually want.

When it comes to tips for marriage survival, you will need to recognize how you are contributing to the problems. For example, if you run for the martini instead of giving a meaningful answer, you are part of creating a bad habit. Therefore, you may want to spend some time actually talking to your spouse about what happened during the day. If you cannot discuss these things immediately, you should at least make some time later on in the evening.

As you make use of different tips for marriage success, you will see your marriage grow and flourish. Even if you were secretly hoping to come home to divorce papers, you will find yourself even more relieved to be on your way to building the marriage you always wanted. Without a question, each day you have an opportunity to make that perfection a reality.

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