People mostly gamble for the entertainment factor. They have a budget and they stick to it and if they win then that is an added bonus - play at King Casino today.

In general, gamblers will be happy to turn a profit on their game of choice but in the back of all of our minds is the thought that we can one day win life-changing money. 

This is why people play the lottery because of the huge jackpots up for grabs. When it comes to winning serious money, the focus is always on lottery winners and the lottery has made its fair share of millionaires. 

Since the media is very lottery-focused it may have escaped people’s attention that slots have also served up their share of big winners too. 

Admittedly the jackpots are smaller but still life changing and enough to banish anyone’s financial worries for good. 

There are many slots with jackpots attached to them. There are mini jackpots, minor, major and grand jackpots. 

Some jackpots relate to your stake whilst others are fixed or progressive. The latter is all the rage and grow continuously until they are won. Once this has happened, the pot fills up once more until the next lucky player wins it all. 

Many slots carry multiple jackpots that can range from a few pounds to a few thousand. Then there are those that go higher still and can make players millionaires. 

One of the most famous jackpot slots is Mega Moolah. This slot carries some of the largest jackpots ever seen that run into the millions. 

However, it will not come as a surprise to discover that many of the historic wins have come from Las Vegas the so-called home of gambling. 

Even here slots are a big deal and hugely popular with the public. In fact, slots have taken over the gambling world and continue to dominate despite their humble beginnings. 

Since the birth of slots all the way back in 1895 it was clear even back then, that there is something the public find irresistible about these machines. 

Whether it’s the prizes on offer or the sheer unpredictability of each spin, gamblers cannot get enough of these games. 

From the first electronic slot in 1963 to the online slot revolution of the digital age, a new generation of gamblers all want a piece of the slot action. 

The invention of video slots in the 1990s fuelled the present obsession with these gaming machines. 

Long gone are the days when slots consisted of 3 reels and fruit or playing card symbols. They have now been replaced by state of the art graphics. Games with five reels that contain complex computer animations are now the norm. 

Many appeal to existing fan bases as they are based on popular culture, such as film and television series. 

The major role of slots in the gambling industry is to cater to those whose interests lie away from traditional forms of gambling. 

These include sports betting and casino games like Roulette and Blackjack. You do not have to enter the slots arena armed with certain knowledge or skills that certain table games require and this is why they appeal to both sexes and all ages.

With so many people now playing slots, it comes as no surprise to discover that there have been some historic wins. 

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?  

Winners of vast amounts of cash from slots have included both the young and old. The current world record for an online slot win that earned an entry into the Guinness World Records is held by a British player who bagged £13.2 million in 2015.

Jon Heywood hit the Progressive Jackpot on the now-famous Mega Moolah slot and won this life changing lottery-sized pot of cash. 

Not far behind is an anonymous Australian player who won $10.4 million on the Dark Knight slot before it was sadly discontinued due to licensing issues.

Las Vegas may be the home of gambling but it also houses the state-operated Megabucks slots. Up to 700 of these machines are linked together and help to create huge progressive jackpots. 

These state-operated slots have produced the biggest ever-recorded wins anywhere in the world. 

One lucky punter has won this jackpot two times. In 1989 Elmer Sherwin won $4.6 million and then again in 2005 at the age of 92, he ended up bagging $21.1 million. 

Elmer Sherwin gave away much of his fortune to his family and good causes and sadly died 2 years later. 

The jackpot on Megabucks has gone even higher and been won when it stood at $39.7 million back in 2003. This went to a La Software Engineer who wagered $100 on Megabucks at the Excalibur.

This is currently the largest win in Vegas history and the cash was paid out in 25 annual installments of $1.5 million each. 

A popular NetEnt slot that carries huge jackpots like no other is the Hall Of Gods slot. In 2017 a punter from Norway won it when it stood at € 7.4 million. 

PokerStars recently introduced several slots that carry progressive jackpots and since January 2017, they have made 12 millionaires and paid out over $23.6 million to these lucky players. The most recent win was $3 million on Millionaires Island. 

Let’s not forget Blueprint Gaming’s linked Jackpot King progressive jackpot system that operates on advertised selected slots. 

A Sky Vegas Casino customer was playing 20p spins on the Pig Wizard slot when his spin activated the Jackpot King. He eventually netted an impressive £3,167,063 from 20p as he literally hit the jackpot. 

This mega prize is the largest ever jackpot to be won on this system and the Jackpot King continues to be rolled out at countless online casinos because of its popularity. 

Any spin can trigger it and give players a shot at three different jackpots. Although the one you will all hope to land will, of course, be the Jackpot King.

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