Ready to live a joy-filled heart-centered life? If you want more joy, deeper loving connections, and access to a stress-free life, the 5 feminine power principles we’re discussing here will open up this world to you. We’d like to be your guiding light. You have such immense capacity for joy and love and may not even realize how much is possible. So take a deep breath and allow your heart to open a little while taking in these principles.

When I started exploring feminine energy, I thought I had none. You see, I didn’t like floral prints, dolls or frilly things. What I didn’t realize was those things really had little to do with feminine energy. Others thought the feminine represented weakness. What I discovered was so exciting, enlivening and far more powerful than I could ever imagine that I knew I couldn’t keep it to myself.

As I found mentors, read various books, began journaling in a whole new way, a body of wisdom came together. The fundamentals are what I call the Five Core Feminine Power Principles. I’ve incorporated these five principles into a set of 54 Feminine Power Cards and offer some of their wisdom in this article to all women who are want to embrace themselves fully and make the shift towards greater love in their lives and ultimately in our world.

The first core principle is Compassion. Sure, you’re a woman who has loads of sympathy and empathy for your loved ones, friends, and maybe even strangers. This is something to feel good about. And to further tap into the power of compassion, you must be lavishly compassionate with yourself as well. What are the things you say to yourself? Are you kind to yourself when you make a mistake, arrive late for an appointment, forget something, and so on? Do you treat yourself like you would treat a friend who felt bad about something? Can you forgive yourself?

As you cultivate a great and deep compassion for yourself, you will notice something transformative happen. Things in life may seem a little easier, lighter, and even more enjoyable because you have given yourself permission to enjoy yourself exactly as you are. Self-love and self-acceptance will yield so much healing and positive energy in your life. You might even notice that you attract more positive energy into your life. If you are a woman who has always put others first, I invite you to try an experiment of putting yourself first, giving yourself lots of love and nurturing. Put yourself at the top of your “to do” list and fill your cup.

Practice self-compassion in this way, as one of the Feminine Power Cards recommends, “Know, explore and wonder about your own magnificence.” You will grow your inner strength, inner peace and grace.

The second principle is Conscious Choice. Do you ever say “yes” when you want to say “no?” Life requires that we make choices. Even when we do not make a choice that is a choice. The next time you’re about to say “yes” to something you know is draining your energy, consider saying “no.” Believe me, I know it can be a stretch to do this. Go for it anyway. You will develop your sense of worthiness and personal empowerment. In fact, you will have more energy to give in areas that truly make your heart sing.

A heart-centered woman takes the time to get to know herself and make choices in alignment with her truth and joy. This is by far one of the most complex feminine power principles that relies upon becoming increasingly connected to your intentions. When you realize that “Intention is the most important aspect of your actions” your choices will become more aligned The more choices you make in alignment with your truth, joy, health, intuition and you can act in alignment with them, the more power and inner confidence you will have.

The third principle and my personal favorite is… Cultivating Joy. This is the most fun and simplest principle. Master this and you’ll have given a gift to everyone. When a woman puts her joy at the top of her list, life becomes a wonderful adventure where the people around you, are magnetized to you. They can’t help themselves. From time to time when I’m consciously creating joy, I notice more people giving me compliments and loving attention, and wanting my services. It may seem counter intuitive, so I invite you to start feeling more joy. After all, simply stated, “Happiness is a choice.” Get this and you’ve opened up to living a supremely fulfilling life.

The fourth Feminine Power Principle is Creativity. Every woman is creative, period! No more denying this, ladies. You may not be Michelangelo, but who cares? When we step out of our logic and judgmental mind we open up to the non-linear realm where manifesting anything we desire can happen instantaneously. I see this everyday with the women who I work with and coach. Quite frankly, “Sometimes logic and strategy are ineffective.” Let go of logic and step into the flow.

Finally, the fifth core Feminine Power Principle is that of Community and Connection. Where women thrive is in community. You know it. That’s why it’s a must to gather up your girlfriends, stay connected, gab, go for walks, eat, and share your deepest secrets with those trusted BFFs of yours. Your feminine soul deeply desires this connection. When you have the support of your community, you feel more peace and safety in the world. I truly believe that “When women gather, the world changes.” Can you imagine a world where we all honor each other and recognize that every individual is important and makes a difference? I invite you to connect with other women. Allow them to nurture you.

As you begin practicing these feminine power principles, please share them. Keep expanding your conscious attention in the feminine. Our world needs you and your feminine essence. You are truly divine.

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Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Leadership Coach and author of the Feminine Power Cards and Transform Your Body in the Mental Gym offers practical tools that allow people to create more passion and harmony in their relationships and profits in their businesses.

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