There comes a time in our lives when things start taking an upward spiral as we get into a rhythm after having created our own winning formula to deal with the ebb and flow of life. There are many ways to play the game of life. However, the article below highlights the traits of the successful v/s the extraordinary approaches.

Now, this is where the extraordinary people set themselves apart.

The successful approach deals with a ‘play it safe’ or take an occasional risk theme that can provide a marginal amount of success every year, but nevertheless limits our options. People go into a state of contentment and accept the way things are and justify their approach with the phrase – “Take life as it comes” or “Let nature take its course” etc. Nothing wrong with this approach, it only limits the opportunities and options for the individual. It eliminates the possibility of stretching oneself to the maximum and realizing one’s full potential. And very often people end up hitting the proverbial mid-life crisis phase at some point or end up with quite convincing reasons for why they are the way they are.

The second approach which I highly recommend is the way of the spiritual warriors or that of extraordinarily living. You don’t get comfortable with status quo, and rather create a game of life that is dedicated to a cause that stretches your imagination to the maximum. You welcome breakdowns as you know that this is your opportunity to create massive breakthroughs. This cause you have chosen is worthy of your life, worthy of the breakdowns you will have along the way. You set the intention in motion by declaring it to the world and then living your life in pursuit of the cause. It doesn’t even matter if at the end of the game, if you have achieved it or not. But you know in your heart that you gave it your all, and you lived life to the fullest. And very often than not, you will reach a mark of greatness and world fame. Examples of these high achievers are people like Gandhi, MLK Jr, Mother Teresa, JFK, Roger Federer etc.

Gandhi – Single handedly brought the entire British Empire on its knees

MLK Jr - Had Americans question their deepest values and what they stood for, and became the father of the civil rights movement

Mother Teresa – Gave love and caring a new meaning

JFK – Made a declaration of putting the first man on the moon and succeeded
Roger Federer - The most dominant athlete of the last two decades

The secret to living life at this level is to use the BE- DO – HAVE approach.

BE – The person you envision first

Do – Take the actions from that being

Have – Manifest the results you desire

Instead of HAVE- DO – BE which states that once I have the tools and the things I desire, I will then be able to take action and then become the person I want to be. This approach always leads to wanting and feeling of discontent and lack of fulfillment.

A slight change in strategy can tip the scales in your favor. Make that choice today, and choose to live powerfully!

Live an extraordinary Life! Leave a Legacy!

~ Kaushal

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