As this week's quotation from the book Daily OM says, "sages of all faiths agree that the current moment is the only thing that really exists." This is a concept I share with all my clients because it is from our focus on the present moment that we are able to live abundantly and prosperously - no mater what our current circumstances. This is an important point in the Law of Attraction as well as a key aspect of creating effortless success. Why? Let's start with what happens when we focus on the past. When we focus on the past we can only think, create and act from what we have known. Unless what we have known is abundance and prosperity, then we will only be able to create more of what we have known in the past. What is that for you? If you are excited about the thought of living your wealth in the here and now, then my guess is you have not yet experienced amazing prosperity and abundance. As Albert Einstein said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." If your focus is on what you have had in the past, you will only be capable of creating more of the same.

What about when we focus on the future? Let me first clarify dreaming about versus living in the future. I absolutely want you to dream about your future and dream BIG. Know where you are going and what you are wanting. Imagine it, feel it, smell it, love it. Those kinds of dreams fuel your imagination and help inspire your actions. Living in the future is when you think along the lines of "when such and such happens, I'll be wealthy/happy/etc." When my company takes off, when I lose weight, when I get my tax refund, etc. are all ways of living in a future that is not only not guaranteed but the very activity of focusing on it in this way almost ensures failure. Why? Because when you do this you are focused on lack - on what you don't have yet - not on what you want or even what you do have. In Law of Attraction there is a huge difference between a focus on how amazing it will be to attain something we desire and a focus on that desire not yet being ours. It seems subtle but it is actually a huge difference in mindset. It's the difference between complacency and possibility. So, continue to dream big dreams while living in the present.

Aaahhh, the present. This is where the magic happens. Focus on how amazing your life is NOW. Even if you don't have everything you want (and that is actually a good thing since we always want new things and it's part of living this life) really get into the feelings of what you do have that is wonderful. What do you love about your life now? Your body? Your work? Your home? Your planet? Everything? Find even one small thing to love about everything you come in contact with in your day. What do you love about your money? In what ways do you already feel prosperous? What do you have an abundance of? From pencils to love to pop-tarts, what do you never run out of? That's abundance. Feel it in every fiber of your being. Really feel the amazingness of you and your life.

Next step, revisit that huge exciting dream you have for your life. What are some of the key elements? What will exist when you are living this dream? For example, one of my clients recently shared that one element of her big dream is recognition from her peers for her success and the good work she does. There's no need to wait. I had her brainstorm ways she can have that recognition now so that she experiences the FEELING of her dream now. That's how we bring that dream to life and create it in the now. She came up with some terrific and fun ideas for feeling recognized in her work including honoring herself. What can you do that will make the amazing good fortune you dream of a part of your day to day reality today. Really, what can you do today, in this current moment, to live your dreams of abundance, wealth, prosperity, love, you name it!?!

P.S. It helps to surround yourself with like-minded people so you are all supporting each other's dreams and current state of being. Seek out people who want to see you make your dreams come true.


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