There is nothing more satisfying than to get a good job after completing our graduation. But rather than waiting for things to happen, we’ve to make things happen and that too quickly. It includes undertaking a professional course or studying a foreign language such as French. Learning the French language can open up several lucrative job prospects. In fact, when it comes to getting jobs, the French language is highly sought-after.

Opting for a French Language Course in Kolkata is ideal careerwise and can help candidates explore a wide range of jobs in diverse industries such as aviation, media, IT, hospitality, tourism, publishing, etc. Research also says that French is one of those languages that is very much in demand in the job market and is found to garner lucrative vacancies both in India and abroad.

For some positions, having an advanced degree from a prestigious university or decades of experience in the field isn’t nearly as important. Freshers with the ability to speak the French language can work as translators, interpreters, customer care executives, liaison officers, tourist guides, ground staff, flight attendants, etc. They can also exhibit their talent and creativity as content writers, correspondents, editors, bloggers, etc. In such cases, they need to possess excellent writing skills in French.

The demand for French speakers is perhaps the highest in the hospitality and tourism industry which is one of the fastest-growing industries because their chances of getting hired are huge especially in hotels, resorts, shopping malls, cruises, travel agencies, and much more. With more and more people from France visiting India and traveling to other countries, working in hospitality and tourism is surely a lucrative option.

The scope of French speakers is also huge in the IT sector with more and more multinational outsourcing firms investing in India and expanding their business worldwide. It presents golden opportunities for job seekers looking to utilize their ability to speak the French language.

Candidates who’re interested in putting their writing skills to the test can work as translators, interpreters, correspondents/ reporters, proofreaders, editors, bloggers, public relations officers, etc in publishing and broadcasting companies and digital media.

Research conducted revealed some interesting trends in the fields with the highest demand for French-language speakers. It demonstrated that those who can speak French along with English can find jobs in teaching, postsecondary education, and related fields. This has become possible due to an increase in the number of foreign language training institutes and foreign language studies becoming mandatory in I.C.SE & C.B.S.E affiliated schools where teachers of the French language are likely to get jobs.

Those who’re looking to relocate overseas for careers and jobs can find a French language course in Kolkata extremely useful. When recruiters and employers will see a candidate or job seeker having undertaken a course in the French language along with her/his academic qualification and professional experience, she/he is likely to give her/him preference over others.

How to take the plunge?
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Laxmon Gope is a French-language teaching and learning expert author and University professor. Besides writing this informative article on the French language course in Kolkata, she has created other interesting ones too on educational topics.