When was the last time you fell in love with what you do for a living? Could you ever say you've felt the ultimate work satisfaction? Maybe you're thinking, "Love work? Are you nuts? I've never fallen in love with my job!"

Falling in love with your work can be as simple as recognizing who your real employer is. Let me give you a hint: It's not where you work, it's who you work for--namely YOURSELF!

Even if you're not a business owner, you are still self-employed! Who filled out and submitted your application? Who did the preliminary research? Who went to the interview? Who called back and accepted?

Sometimes it's easy to forget who is responsible here. Sometimes it's easy to get bogged down in the "I have to's..." that come with working a regular job or working in your own business. Yet when you remember that you CHOSE your job, you CHOSE your work, or you chose your business, it can help you get back in touch with what attracted you to it in the first place.

Take just a second and jot down three things that made you feel you were a good fit for this job or business. How did your skills and experience match the description? What excited you about the work and why?

Finding the right work is a lot like finding the right mate--There is no guaranteed formula for success and there are lots of options out there. And your relationship with your work evolves as you evolve; no relationship is static.

So, do you need to fall in love with your job? My hunch is you do. We all do.

I was finding myself dreading certain tasks in my line of work like returning calls and following up on speaking leads. It seemed like much of my time was being consumed by these mundane tasks.

What did I do? I thought up a swell idea for an e-book that thrilled me every time that I thought about it! And I started writing, even if for only fifteen minutes a day! Now the book is done--It became an e-book AND audio package, Get Out of Debt and Get On with Your Life! You can check it out on my website.

I also started a mastermind group of powerful women speakers, trainers, and coaches--something I had dreamt of doing for several years. You can imagine how inviting people I didn't know well or even at all was a daunting task, but I realized I could really have FUN connecting with other women of power. Now this group has been meeting for two years and I'm happy to tell you that we're still going strong!

How do you fall in love with your work? You GET to work! What dream are you putting off? What skill are you procrastinating about learning? What new ideas or experiences can you infuse into your work?

When you marry your passion and your expertise in the work you do, it will be simple to feel the ultimate work satisfaction and fall in love with your job. And other people will, in turn, fall in love with what you do and how you serve them. You will prosper and they will prosper. Now that sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn't it?

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Dr. Barnsley Brown is a professional speaker and coach who loves helping busy professionals create balance and prosperity. Want to have 2+ more hours every day for who and what you love? Find out how with Dr. Brown's fun, info-packed report, "How to Overcome Overwhelm in Seven Easy Steps" at