A lot of people are trying to switch to Windows 10 after the news that support for Windows 7 will end soon.

For the current update after the free update from Windows 7 to Windows 10, you will have to purchase a genuine Windows. . Perhaps it is a bit difficult to buy a product that is worth 200,000 won.

That's why many people are turning their attention to the Windows key, which is a genuine Windows key and sold at a low price.

If you look for an average of 20,000 to 20,000 won, many people ask whether or not to buy this product key, which sells at a very diverse price ranging from 20,000 to 3,000 won, or will it be activated with this product key?

Today, we'll take a look at the Windows 10 retail key, which is cheaply sold in the open market, and make sure that the key is activated.
1. So what are these kids doing?

As you can see above, the semi-window key is cheap because it does not require additional packaging cost.

(One thing to note here is that even if you buy only the Windows key on the MS homepage, it is sold at the same price as the box packaging and USB collection price.)

Other details are almost the same as the genuine Windows purchased on the MS homepage. The biggest difference in the middle of the image is that instead of receiving technical support from Microsoft in Korea, we need to get technical support from our company. ' The parts are different.

In general, it is said that these semi-product keys often sell product keys used abroad or by companies. Therefore, MS does not want to use these products for individuals, so we do not provide technical support, and in severe cases, we will crackdown. https://www.indycrwindowskey.com/

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Other details are almost the same as the genuine Windows purchased on the MS homepage.