As each season moves into its fullness we can access that momentum in our own lives. We can seize and ride the energies of the earth’s progression and access those qualities for ourselves.

Summer brings the richness and abundance of nature’s flow. The trees swell with leaves and begin to prepare their fruit. The once dormant plants begin their season of bloom. This gives us the opportunity to reach within and discover our own season of growth.

The energies moving on our world and from Divine sources continue to escalate. It is as though we are now living in a speeding train. It may appear that we are used to the energy, the demands of our time, the amount of things we must accomplish to stay on track. The vast amounts of information and detail that fill each day can easily distract us from our personal growth and joy.

This speed of life asks us to continually focus on the deeper issues of our being so we may create a focus through which we live our lives. When we center, when we look into our own growth as beings, we can begin to clear away the undergrowth. We can clean up certain aspects of our lives and our inner dialogues that no longer serve their purpose.

To help move into a space of clarity, take a moment to do this short meditation I’ve created. It will help you to find greater ease through your daily life.

Take a series of slow deep breaths to focus on this moment in time. Let all of your thoughts slowly melt into the background of your mind.

Imagine yourself in a glorious garden. The sun is shining and the air is clear and sweet with fragrance. You can feel the warm earth beneath your feet and see the amazing variety of plants.

As you walk the garden paths, look closer at the gardens and the plants. Each has its own climate and environment. Each has its own season of growth. Some require more water, others more sunshine. Some are happy and thriving while others may need more attention.

As caretaker of this garden, you are present to its rich abundance and notice many details and sensations. Each plant and tree has a history and a reason for being. You are aware of the needs of each plant as well as the needs of the garden as a whole. Are there any plants that need more attention? Is each plant thriving in its location? Would you like to weed certain areas or move plants to a better place? Just notice your garden and let any thoughts or changes drift into your mind.

Take a slow deep breath and center yourself. Become aware of your body and your surroundings. Take another deep breath. Return to this moment in time feeling refreshed and at ease.

In this meditation, you walked through the garden of your life. As you walked through your garden, what did you notice? Were there things you would like to change? Were there aspects that could use more attention?

Each plant symbolizes an aspect of your life. Which plants, which aspects of your life could use more attention? Is it time to eliminate areas of the garden and have a more open feeling or do you have areas that are too sparse and could use more bounty?

We are all moving towards a fuller expression of our personal gifts and inner wisdom. This summer, as the earth swells in her full creation, you can move in her rhythms. You can discover the deeper nature of your own path and create a richer and more fulfilling life.



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