Google AdSense has been hailed as the easiest way for anyone to make money off their website. This is because all it involves is setting up a website that has valuable information to offer to the public and then applying to Google for an AdSense account.

Even though whilst creating revenue is the main motive that people utilize AdSense, it's not the only reason. Some use AdSense as a means of making their website more significant to web page visitors. Anyone who displays an AdSense ad is considered a publisher, whereas anyone who purchases the adverts which are displayed through AdSense is called an advertiser.

Once you’ve started to build up an income, then you can start to experiment with placing and colour of your ads. If you can improve your click through rate (CTR) on your ads, then you can make more money from the same level of traffic.

So you've spent a lot of time putting up intelligent and useful content on a beautifully designed site...shame that you've got to tarnish such wondrous aesthetics with Adsense. But guess don't have to! You can easily blend your ads in to compliment the overall layout of your site. First thing--Get rid of that border delineating your ads. Next, make your Adsense text the same colour as that of the rest of your site. People are more likely to click on it thinking it's part of that useful content on your site.

A large number of people tend to simply use templates to create their websites. While this is not a problem in itself, most people tend to use single page templates so that the numbers of design elements are limited as well as their content input. However, experts know that this is not the best technique.

Single page website does not allow you to build separate themes based on high traffic keywords. This also means that you will not have highly targeted ads on your website. This drastically reduces the chances of you getting a high CTR for ads on your website. AdSense tips provided by experts will encourage you to have at least 15 different pages for website, each with a distinct theme of its own.

Adsense is a numbers game...

The more websites you have, the more money you make. All those little amounts combine into one big monthly check. But how do you go about building multiple sites? Well, one thing you can do is buy those Adsense website templates you see all over the internet.

Instead of putting all your time into one website, why not put a small amount of time into many websites and start building a Virtual Real Estate Empire. Now each website might only earn between $0.10 and $0.50 per day, but if you had 10 websites, you'd be getting $1 - $5 per day. With a 100 sites, you'd get $10 - $50 per day.

This is somewhere it can really pay to listen to the experts, just one eBook that I downloaded more than tripled the income from my own sites. Also, read up as much free information as you can, sign up for courses from the experts and try out new ideas. If you can get your CTR into double figures you’ll be doing OK, although rumour has it that some of the experts have really high click through’s.

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