MakerDAO Clone Script
MakerDAO Clone Scripts is an Ethereum-based lending protocol script that creates the Dai stablecoin and enables the collateral-backed loans without a middleman. Its is the most used DeFi integration protocol makes MakerDAO which is one of the most operational protocols in the crypto ecosystem.

MakerDAO is a decentralized lending smart contract that allows user to lend their cryptocurrencies to borrow their Collateralized stable asset called DAI. Unlike other stable coins, the DAI will be generated only when the user gets a position in CDP of MakerDAO’s smart contract

Coinjoker is a leading Decentralized Development Company creates a Decentralized lending protocol like MakerDAO Using MakerDAO Clone Script on Ethereum blockchain using stable assets called DAI. We create a Decentralized Lending Platform to Start your lending with a Blockchain-powered MakerDAO Decentralized Lending protocol script

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Features of MakerDAO Clone Script
Unplug Swapping

The process with any supported decentralized lending protocol no need for further customization

White-label Solution

MakerDAO lending clone script can be easily customized as per your business requirements. It is built the existing features in MakerDAO and add new features and you can change the design easily.

Inbuilt Secure Wallet

MakerDao Clone has an inbuilt crypto wallet for a smooth cryptocurrency lending and borrowing experience on the Ethereum blockchain technology.

Admin Panel

Secure and User-Friendly Admin and User Panel provides you better management of DeFi Lending and you can add/ manage the important features in the MakerDAO Clone script and makes you to handle your site

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