Making Sweet Love To My Husband: How To Make My Husband Happy In Bed - Why Is Intimacy For Him Important For Successful Marriage

There comes a time in your marriage when sex just doesn't have that same raw passion and intensity that it used to. You worry that your husband isn't satisfied with your sex life and that this is your entire fault. You need to fix things if you want to have a better sex life and you need to do this now.

Instead of worrying about your sex life or lack thereof, why not do something about it? You need to learn how to make love to your husband and you must learn these sex tips for women to truly set your sex life on fire. No matter how long you have been married for, these tips can work for you and can help you to really enjoy and love sex once again.

The first sex tip for women is to get back in touch with your sexuality. You need to re-learn how to pleasure yourself and what feels good. This the only way that you are going to be able to make love to him in a way that is going to blow his mind. You must be able to please yourself before you can please someone else, so take the time to get back in touch with your sexuality so you can love sex again and what to feel pleasure again.

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Now, you are on your way to making love to your husband in a way that he never thought possible. The sexiest thing that you can do, is to take charge in the bedroom and allow your man to be the submissive one. When he is under your control, you can do whatever you want to do to him and he will listen. Men love being the submissive ones in the bedroom because there is nothing sexier than a woman who loves sex, loves her body and knows how to use her body to give another person pleasure.

Getting on top and making love to your husband in the woman on top position is something that he is craving. Men love this position because he gets to lie back and watch your body please his. Plus, he gets to see, feel and experience everything. This position will easily satisfy him and please him to his fullest potential. If this doesn't make him want you and make him want to have an incredibly hot sex life with you, then nothing will.

Use these tips to really make love to your husband in the right way and to show him what you are made of and capable of.

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"There is always some madness in love, but there is also always some reason in madness." - Friedrich Nietzsche

The challenge of addressing crisis in marriage and relationships is personal, subjective, and circumstantial, making it difficult to find customized advice and individualized resources for effective counseling. The vast amount of resources that turn up unfortunately include a lot of inappropriate hype and motivational feel good language - solutions more or less expressed as ideals. Ideals that proclaim an inevitable attitude adjustment along with the premise that your situation is a temporary setback, and through progressive counceling and exercises in personal development, you can be well on your way to resolving your conflict and save your marriage.

Maybe that works for some. Unfortunately, for most, it misrepresents the harsh reality and severity of devastation characteristic of a relationship in crisis. Crisis in marriage didn't occur over night, and what happened today, yesterday, and throughout your recent past is a cumulative pattern of behaviors working to sustain the compounding day to day pain and tension that is gradually taking more and more from the very core of the bond you have invested so much in.

Simultaneously, you've managed to assess and put in place some measure of assurance for permanence of the love, pride, security, and history you share together throughout your relationship - along with the rewards a fulfilling marriage would bring- to remain intact and protected.

A Common Scenario:

You've become consumed by events, circumstances and emotions threatening your personal dignity, creating a false, unnatural, contrived sense of self that you don't recognize as anything resembling your true identity. Your dignity and self-esteem have been compromised, and self-preservation seems to be your only means to sanity - or even survival. You have difficulty comprehending your own thoughts, feelings, and behavior, because you are reacting in self-defense to the pressure to manage circumstances beyond your control.

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Impulsively, you react to and influence each other in many ways that maintain the tension and feed the crisis. In addition to verbal abuse, non-verbal - or emotional abuse - is actually as harmful as physical abuse. It becomes internalized and remembered, and remains there in the form of trauma. We manage this through conscious body language, gestures, countenance, mannerisms, posturing etc... all are clearly recognizable and understood as such. These forms of non-verbal communication far exceed the boundaries of our conventional spoken language. (Looks can kill?) Until you find a way to control this language, you will remain at a stalemate, and favor a separation in the interest of self-preservation.

These internal emotions and external circumstances interfere with the unconditional commitment you have made to each other to function together as one - to act in support of what is most beneficial to the marriage, and honor the unity that marriage represents.

"Everyone goes through a period where they are dealing with break up pain, because everyone goes through a breakup. Rather than allow yourself to suffer while dealing with breaking up pain, what you should do is enjoy yourself and work on healing rather than allowing yourself to become stressed out, overwhelmed or depressed by your heartbreak." - Dr. Phil McGraw

What can you do starting today? Stop everything, regroup, assess the situation, and implement damage control. Try the feel good thing. Is it really that simple? Self-preservation seems appropriate here and may provide the necessary encouragement that your identity is not completely lost. So, for this reason, I see the value in adopting the "enjoy healing" advice. Remember, the more you persevere and give to your marriage, the more your marriage gives back in the form of security, pride, happiness, fulfillment, etc... you can make your own list of terms that measure reward for you.

Grant yourself some space. Give yourself the time and a place where you can be alone and just get in touch with your true self. Do something that is totally you - something that you do for yourself and by yourself - something that you've always found satisfying, gratifying, comforting, rewarding, get the idea. Make yourself feel like you are 'as you' as possible. Consider the most basic and simple things that appeal to your senses - the things that allow you personal space, security and flexibility. Be aware of your needs and tend to them as best you can.

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The goal is to establish a sense of relief, self-worth and security - and remove you from all the distraction going on in your life that is interfering with your ability to feel like yourself. Take your time with this - and keep it simple.

This is a good place to start if you are fearful and insecure around your partner. You may fear being yourself, are discouraged from being yourself, or feel you've been stripped of all you are by your partner or the situation you are struggling with. Maybe you are being extremely yourself, and are being ignored and degraded to the extent that you and your feelings don't exist at all. You can't focus on problems if you can't access your natural, uninhibited sense of self, and expect to manage issues that require personal stability. You likely rely on a persona or alter-ego to show up in your place. (Jungian - a sort of mask worn for public presence.) Getting back in touch with your personal integrity will create the self-dignity and capacity to resolve and re-process your situation with more constructive, truthful, and sincere motivations.

The health benefits of assuming control over this kind of behavior are a powerful resource that you will notice immediately - and continue to develop and put into daily use. It is important to surround yourself with as much supportive input as you see fit. Choose whatever resources appeal to you - whether it's people, books, counceling, exercise, education, religion - any activity you are comfortable with accepting into your life. They will go a long way in helping you manage yourself and your circumstances more effectively. Your ability to make use of behavior is most effective in transforming not only yourself, but how you interact and function in the world we live.

Remember that we influence each other through our behavior, and your partner will likely match the mood or tone in which you choose to express your own concerns - and appreciate (be influenced by) how you now respond to his or her concerns as well. You are not changing anyone or anything. You are assuming control of how feelings and differences are expressed, and taking responsibility for the outcome by intentionally demanding the quality of communication be of a higher standard, in hopes that unbiased and genuine solutions become revealed - and ultimately possible.

We are individuals and will express our uniqueness through our behavior. We tend to challenge each other defensively and don't always consider that we might get more favorable results if we focused on what can be agreed upon. The matter of right and wrong has no meaning. There is power in the pride you create when you can respect the value for your partners point of view - ultimately arriving at constructive (and truthful) conclusions together. Your circumstances may remain challenging, but maybe you can manage them without all the unnecessary hardship and drama.

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1. A very important rule in saving a marriage: Don't try to make your partner jealous!Why? Because of jealousy can break your relationship once and for all, even if it's supposed to get your partner back, jealousy it's not the way to go. Thousands of people lose their marriages because of jealousy so you mustn't think that it can be a solution.

2. If you and your partner are not talking then you should give him a gift. Remember something that he wants, that he like and offer him, no matter the price is. This one gift can make him realize that he doesn't want to break up with you.

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3.Try to make him or her remember the good times that you had together. It's not necessarily to talk to him. Let me give you an example to make you understand better: Let's say that had a funny moment , try to repeat that funny moment and make your partner remember it because he can realize that he or her doesn't want to lose you and you see, your marriage will be saved.

If you want to know how to save your marriage without talking, these are a few ways of doing it .I hope you save your marriage too, because many people pass through rough times in their marriages but they still don't break up.The important thing is not to give up and keep fighting because if you give up there's no way back.

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