It’s an easy task to learn about the Law of Attraction. It’s an easy task to speculate about the Law of Attraction. But how many of you are actually make the Law of Attraction work for you right now? The answer may surprise you – 100% of you! However, you don’t realize it because you’re creating unconsciously. Or, as The Secret said, you’re “creating by default”.

There are three target areas that we need to look out for when concerning ourselves with taking our manifesting out of “default” mode and putting it into deliberate creation mode. Those three target areas are our thoughts, our feelings, and our words.

The most difficult of these three to control is our thoughts. In a lot of ways, it is impossible, as the brain can be likened to a radio antenna. Thoughts may be our own or may be coming from somewhere else. Therefore we can’t be responsible for our thoughts all the time, but we most certainly can be responsible for what thoughts we choose to dwell on, enlarge, worry over, or daydream about.

Our feelings are easier to control than our thoughts, because our feelings mostly come about as a result of the thoughts we dwell upon. If we want to change our current feelings, there are a number of ways to go about it. We can daydream about something positive, pet our favorite cat, listen to music that makes us happy, or talk to a friend who always cheers us up. If we have a long-term negative feeling, such as long-term depression, then changing the thoughts that we tend to focus on will allow us to change our emotional problem. This takes time but is well worth the effort.

Finally, our words are both the easiest and also most difficult thing to learn to control. There are many reasons for this, but let’s begin with why words are the easiest. A decision must be made before a thought is spoken aloud. This gives us time to think, re-think, and change our minds before speaking. Thoughts arise of their own accord, and often emotions follow suit. Words must always come of actual effort, although you may have become accustomed to rambling at all times. The reason words can be the most difficult thing to change is that our habits of speaking, or gossip, or just talking in general are deeply ingrained in our daily routines. Our social life is already established, and we interact with others in a certain way that has become our “personality” so far as these people are concerned. Changing what we say can in turn cause us to appear to change our personalities, which can make for some friction in our social circles. However, if the good is weighed against the bad, learning to become more conscious and selective with the words we choose to speak contains far more potential for great things to happen in our lives; continuing as we are holds practically no potential for improvement. It’s worth it.

So start by noticing the thoughts that you dwell on. Steer away from negative-patterned thought (steering away from all negative thought is impossible, and not necessarily desirable). Learn to keep your emotions positive by keeping your primary patterns of thought positive. And take note of the words you speak, because the things you say impact your experience far more than you know.

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