Malegra 50 Mg accommodates Sildenafil Citrate as a key active component to assist sexually aroused impotent men for having a stiffer penile that lasts for a longer time for sexual activity. Malegra is a top-quality generic version of Sildenafil Citrate and offers all the advantages of the native product but for much low cost. The active ingredient in this medicine is available in several strengths that allow a sexually aroused man to have a stiffer penile that lasts for a longer time of intercourse. Sildenafil 50mg is recommended for using in moderation for gaining maximum effective results. We also have in stock Suhagra 50 mg(Sildenafil 50mg) which is used to treat the same indications.
Malegra is a high-quality preparation used to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and assist men to accomplish a strong erection. FDA approves Sildenafil 25mg and the most popular solution to treat ED. Many studies showed its effectiveness and safety. Thousands of people choose Malegra to forget about Erectile Dysfunction. Malegra comes into effect very fast, and you need only 30-50 minutes to start enjoying the best sexual experience with your partner.

How Malegra 50mg works?
Malegra 50 Mg is a Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitor, an enzyme responsible for men’s erectile dysfunction and sexual impotence. This works by relaxing the smooth muscles in the blood vessels by inhibiting or limiting the flow of excess Phosphodiesterase 5 enzyme (PDE5) in the bloodstream. This then results in an increase of flow of blood across the genital area and the results in firm penile erections among men.

How to Take Malegra 50mg?
Based on the guidance of your physician, one should only take Malegra 50 Mg Medicines as suggested. The dosage instructions should be followed strictly and this medicine should not be consumed in lower or higher amounts than prescribed. If the dosage is also recommended for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension, the dosage regime should be guaranteed daily and no freedom should be taken with the dose guidance. For cases, where the doctor has advised you to take Malegra 50 mg for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, the drug should be taken at least 30-60 minutes before the anticipated sexual activity.

Missed Dose:
In some person have missing dose to be taken as given dosage, appropriate inform to remind every dose during nursing who people are instreted in sex, will be do reminder before sexual activity. Don't forget to take any pill before sexual intercause.
In the case of overdose the patient do not any track to over dosage of pill, if it is happen in few cases immediately go for closest hospital or ask for call to pharmacist as well as soon.

Side Effects:
• Nosebleed
• Heartburn
• Dizziness
• Diarrhea
• Blurry Vision
• Sensitivity to light
• Hearing loss
• Flushing
• Urinary tract infections
• Muscle aches
• Sleep disturbances
• Fainting

This tablet is contraindicated with nitrate drug like nitroglycerin, isosorbitrate mononitrate, amyl nitrate, etc. Treatment with nitrate drug feel any effects, do stop the dosing at that time.
Malegra Online tablet is represents the latest pharmaceutical company. Which is generate a dosage as suitable for nursing, so that is why Malegra 50 Mg Pill taken amount with drug precaution.
Attribute of sperm or CNS functioning, not to be done effected by Malegra 50 Mg pill.

Malegra 50 Mg Tablet Sildenafil Citrate composed medicine in conventional tablet form is to be stored at normal room temperature in same blister pack. Malegra 50 is to be stored in cool and dry place far from moisture or direct reach of sunlight. Avoid altering the package of this medicine and keep it at a safe distance from children or pets.

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